Wednesday, August 10, 2022

WW: Show Photos

I'll save most for the actual recaps, but enjoy some sneak peeks of the pro pics! All photos from Bethany P Photography and used with purchase. 

Predictably, these boots were  A HIT 🀩

Was most likely crying tears of joy in this one ♥️


Friday, August 5, 2022

What a Week

Whew, this has been A WEEK. Highlights include a marginally successful virtual lesson Monday (despite it being FIVE BILLION DEGREES), lots of show packing, spending allllllll day yesterday in the hospital for DH's back surgery (doc was optimistic so 🀞🀞), and then up and at 'em early to put everything in the trailer and head to the show!

So hot the feral barn cat melted (hey at least he doesn't run when I walk by anymore lol).

I really did expect my phone to overheat and shut down, but the sunshade and USB fan pointed at the phone actually kept it functional through about 85% of the lesson! I'm disappointed with the Bluetooth headphones, I couldn't get further than about 15m from the pivo without the audio cutting out badly. Video quality was all over the map. Still have no idea why 🫠🫠🫠 oh well. Just a stopgap since TrainerB moves to her new (closer) barn next month, and gas prices continue to creep back towards the realm of reasonable. Cannot waaaaaaaaait to set up my Gifted grant boot camp week!

Ruby thought it was absolute BULLSHIT that she had to work that hard at home 🀣

I deserved this 🀣

This laundry brush was comically tiny lol

Making a list, checking it twice!

Wildly over packing because I have bugs in my brain lol. 

Wish us luck! My goal is to make decisions and RIDE my tests, and not go completely braindead/curl up in the fetal position and quit riding. 

Monday, August 1, 2022

Show Prep

Sort of realized towards the end of last week that if I was showing again this week (eeeeee), I needed to do some show prep! I did a pretty good job with about 90% of my supplies coming back from the show in April getting packed away neatly (like emptying out my hay transport bags and folding them nicely, and packing everything I needed for shows into two tubs that could easily be moved into my horse trailer), but one thing I DIDN'T address when I got back from my show was my white breeches and pad.... because fundamentally, I am lazy and hate laundry haha. Luckily, past me remembered to scotchguard the fuck out of all the whites, so I went into it hoping the clean up wouldn't be too terrible. 

Literally sat on my papason chair in the Taj MahTeal for almost four months before I realized I should probably... you know. Clean it. 

A friend had recommended fels naptha bars for cleaning whites, so I bought some (back in april lol) but wasn't making much progress scrubbing the stains with the bar directly, so I messaged her and was like "WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?"

One side was significantly worse than the other.

Apparently the secret was to wet the stain first, then scrub with a brush and some shavings of the soap bar. I couldn't find a decent sized brush so I did most of this with a toothbrush lol. Will have to add a better brush to my shopping list!

I tossed the pad and my breeches into the wash on hot with some crumbs of oxiclean I found at the bottom of a tub (also added to my shopping list), and hoped for the best!
After the first wash. Definitely better, but not sparkling. 

Scotchgarded more breeches.

Once dry, definitely clear there was more work to do. 

More scrubbing. Then an oxiclean soak. 

A few weeks back when I was trying to get the most bang for my buck on a Smartpak order, I also bought some effervescent brush cleaner because my brushes were.... embarrassingly gross. I have a really nice set of Leistner brushes I only use for lessons and shows, but I was terrified to clean them because they're wooden backed and I didn't want to fuck them up (because it was an expensive set!). But since Ruby has a 3 pm photoshoot Friday with THE FANCIEST PHOTOGRAPHER I knew it was time to bite the bullet and clean them. Wanted to stretch the cleaner as far as possible so I cleaned my everyday brushes too (#cheapskate lol). 

Um yikes 

So gross. 

I took my packing list and went through and verified about 80% of my stuff is ready to go. I washed some schooling pads and I'll start sloooooowly packing the trailer this week so I don't fuck up my back. HJ's surgery got bumped to Thursday and the show secretary had enough scratches to get me into two more classes, so it's gonna be a whirling vortex of chaos this weekend πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Oh God What Now

The universe seems determined to keep throwing me curveballs - yesterday afternoon I got a call from the show secretary and they were able to fit me in a test of choice class once each day, so I'll be showing after all! 
"Helping" me while I work

The next curveball is that DH has been struggling with a rapidly deteriorating herniated disc situation - he has a steroid shot scheduled for tomorrow and surgery tentatively scheduled for the following know..... 36 hours before I need to leave for the show πŸ™ˆ and he won't be able to do any of the chores the weekend of the show, so it looks like I'll be commuting back and forth which is... Less than ideal. Oh well. It is what it is, right? I'm just so glad his surgeon is taking it seriously, he has been in such excruciating pain it's hard to watch, since I can't help at all. 

Anyway. We've also been getting some much needed rain, which is fantastic! Except it's been raining every morning I have time I ride πŸ™ˆ so. Also I had an annual exam last week for the first time in, idk, 7 years? (My horse has a chiropractor but I don't see a doctor 😏) and my doctor started me on some meds that leave me perpetually exhausted - hoping that situation stabilizes before the show! Clearly things are going well here πŸ™ƒ wish us luck! 

Monday, July 25, 2022

Lesson Recap: Situation Salvaged

Well, I moped briefly and then got on with life, lol. The show secretary and I traded some emails, so for now I am registered as a non-compete and will plan to use the weekend as a mini clinic and grab three lessons from TrainerB, while simultaneously getting Ruby used to the indoor at the show venue (in April we showed outside). I'm second on the wait list if there are any scratches, so we'll see how that goes. I reached out to the photographer and we'll either use the money I already paid for show photos towards artwork from Ruby's portrait session (which we'll do while she's at the show venue to help everyone's scheduling lol) or she might be able to hang around and snap some photos of one of my lessons -- in which case you better believe I will put show clothes on so we can be fancy AF haha. 

Sunrise rides are still happening on any days I WFH (or at least WFH in the morning, sometimes I have to drive in for meetings in the afternoons, sigh)

Matchy matchy game was strong this day - digging the $36 clearance Smartpak tights!

Realistically this is probably how I should have STARTED the show season, but when I was tallying up costs in the spring it seemed SO ridiculous to spend this much money and not actually like..... SHOW. So I guess the universe just wanted to make a point to me :-P 

Early morning bath to get the worst of the sweat (from just grazing) and dirt (because its been a fucking DUST BOWL here) off before an ADVENTURE!

Felt so good to be on the road again!

In the meantime, it's been absolutely fucking DISGUSTING out, and some work craziness has resulted in me spending more time in the office than I'd like, so not as much morning riding happening. But some is better than none! Originally both days this past weekend were scheduled to be 100+ before a heat index (105 Saturday, don't even want to know what the "feels like" was!), but then Saturday morning when I looked again, the weather for Sunday was still hot, but more reasonable. I shot a quick text to TrainerB to see if I could haul to the interim farm for a lesson, but also acknowledging that it was SUPER last minute and I would totally understand if she didn't have any slots. But the stars aligned and she had a 9:45 lesson slot for me :) based on the drive to the farm it made for an EARLY morning but it at least let us finish up before the heat index hit triple digits! I went alone, so limited media and nothing under saddle (I almost asked her to film a bit at the end, I should have!), but it was really, really nice. Not that we worked on anything particularly hard or that we were particularly spectacular (lol), but it just felt so damn good to be out there doing the thing with my best bay mare. Especially poignant for me being seven weeks to the day from fracturing my ankle. I still have some occasional residual stiffness, and I'm certainly not out running any marathons on it, but it feels pretty good!

I love how chill she is on trips. She was at this farm once before in mid-May but then hasn't really gone anywhere but trail rides since. 

Going for understated elegance, because I wore those bright AF teal tights again hahaha. 

She was a super good girl, starting off nice and relaxed and just showing up to work. No shenanigans about wanting to canter the whole time (which we are still struggling with at home), but letting me really supple her into both reins and turning from my outside aids. Neither of us has a ton of stamina at the moment, so I was pretty wiped out by the end of the lesson (despite copious walk breaks and also starting electrolytes last week to see if that helps me deal with the heat better)

She enjoyed her hose down and then grazing in the shade while I finished my water. 

So, this is no longer me questioning whether or not we're back -- we're officially back! And I'm looking forward to the second half of show season, some fun stuff this fall (a girl's trail trip and hopefully using my Gifted grant!), and then I'll make lots of big plans for NEXT YEAR and the universe can continue to disappoint me in new and exciting ways hahaha. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2022


I'm starting to feel like the universe just.... doesn't want me to show πŸ˜‘ shortly after I drafted and scheduled yesterday's post on my lunch break Monday, TrainerB texted me to give me a heads up that entries for the next recognized show were filling quickly, so if I wanted to enter I should probably do so ASAP. I already had an account on the site to do it so as soon as work wrapped up for the day I went ahead and submitted my entries. Then preordered a horse show package from the photographer, because YOLO πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ
Pee Pie Penelope was looking forward to being a horse show dog again!

Annnnnnd then an hour later I got an email from the show secretary that the show was full so they would be refunding my entries.... Womp womp. I'm on the wait list, but not hopeful. TrainerB and I discussed the option of me still coming as a non-compete and just taking three lessons while I'm up there, so that may be what I redirect to I'm just... Really bummed. I started the year with such high hopes about a show season and it's been sort of an unmitigated dumpster fire 🀣

There aren't really any other show options this season unless I aim for the open show in conjunction with Regionals but I have the same concerns about that one that I had about Pony Cup - it's probably going to be a big show with a lot of atmosphere and it doesn't seem like a way to set us up for success at our second attempt showing recognized.

So currently I'm moping around annoyed at the world πŸ™ƒ at least at Pony Cup I *did* finally get to discuss a new barn timeline with TrainerB and we tossed some ideas around for me using my Gifted grant later this fall so obviously none of this is the end of the world I'm just... Miffed currently lol. First world problems, amirite?