Cintia Memoria MLA (Cinna)

Aside from Ruby, the other horse featured prominently in this blog is Cintia Memoria MLA, also known as Cinna, the Cinnamonster, Cinnabon, etc. She is a grey 2012 Spanish Andalusian mare.

While all my horses have been dear to me, she will always hold a special place in my heart. She is the first horse that I ever bred, I foaled her out myself, and I’ve been with her every step of her life and at every major milestone. Of course, by the same token, all of her gaps in training and bad habits are also my fault, so there are two sides to that coin!

Tres was the best of broodmares, and kindly waited until a civilized time in the evening when I was in attendance to foal, even spending a significant portion of labor with her head in my lap. Cinna was everything I dreamed about in a baby. I had several different possible names picked out (depending on gender and personality), but in the end, there was only one option. Cynthia -- the beautiful soul who sold me Tres and Topaz, who watched as Tres blossomed in a training program and surprised us all at Nationals, who let me bounce stallion ideas off her and gave me all the details of Tres’ previous pregnancy, and who was so looking forward to the birth of this foal -- lost her battle with cancer just 3 short weeks before Cinna’s birth. Cintia Memoria is Spanish for Cynthia’s memory -- and every time I look at Cinna, I think of the woman who made so many of my dreams come true, both directly, and indirectly.

From day one, Cinna has been an opinionated sassypants character -- something I really look for in an equine partner. I might experience endless hours of aggravation, but the eventual breakthroughs and successes are that much sweeter. She was lightly started in the fall of 2015 and then had the winter off to continue growing. With the completion of our arena, she has been in much more regular work when the weather cooperates (which, in Missouri, is approximately 40% of the time).

On ride number 13, she made her dressage debut -- scoring a 68 and change in her first Intro test. She got put on the backburner when I took some time off showing and riding (when push came to shove I usually rode Ruby first), but she's slowing coming back into work for 2022. I'd like to haul her out to my trainer for some lessons this year, but Ruby is still occupying my number one slot, so we'll see how it goes!

All of these photos are circa 2016 and older, but feel free to browse more recent posts to see how she's doing!

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