Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Baby Daddy

Now that the cat is out of the bag, meet Ruby's baby daddy!

Luminoso CF

Oso is a 16.0h red carrying, agouti dominant Perlino (EeAACRCR) PRE Andalusian stallion. 3 FEI quality gaits. Sound, sane, fun. Schooling 3rd level, showing 2nd, and drives single/double and will be showing in CDEs with his owner, who is on the developing athlete FEI list for combined driving. She also has a multi-generational internationally respected Andalusian and Lusitano breeding program, which is why I've been watching Oso since he was a weanling back in 2015 ♥️

Based on his and Ruby's color genetics, baby is guaranteed to be a buckskin. I anticipate it will also be a fun, fancy ammy horse and kick off my next generation of riding horses. I'm sure I'll feel like an idiot when I'm breaking out a baby at 40, but here we are 🤣 next milestone is the heartbeat check next week, wish us luck!