Wednesday, July 24, 2019

WW: So Close Yet So Far

When we last left off, we had started the siding process, and were on a tight deadline because the kitchen cabinets were scheduled for delivery (today incidentally 😂). 
Cedar wrap on the porch beams

Finishing the insulation on the 4th of July

Working on siding over the long weekend

Check that off the list!

Cedar ceiling on the front porch

We liked it on the front so much we did it on the back porch too!

Managed to use this saw without cutting off any fingers, go me!

I interrupt this pictorial on house construction to give you an egg-eating 🐍 😂

I cut and installed blocking for my piano bookcase 💪

We insulated the utility room so we don't have to hear the furnace, washer, dryer, etc. Insulating interior walls is kind of a bitch!

Staining the porch

Literally the best stain - shout-out to my old Barn Owner for the heads up. Worth the $$ and wait from Amazon.

Drywall delivered

Insulation and blower machine dropped off

Prepping the back porch for stain

He hated rolling the stain over his head for the front porch so he decided to try the sprayer on the back porch.

Looks sharp!

I rebelled from the never ending project list and we went trail riding one Sunday and it was glorious!! And then on the way home the truck's brakes were being a bit wonky so it went off to the shop and $600 the master cylinder is now no longer leaking....*womp womp womp* but at least we discovered the problem before anything worse happened! 

Drywall hung in a day (not this past Monday, but the Monday before)

Blowing in insulation the day the drywall was hung (I told you, tight schedule! Haha). Initially the drywall was supposed to go up over the weekend which would have given us Sunday to blow in the insulation - when they didn't show the Saturday they promised we were annoyed, but it ended up working out because we got to blow in the insulation when it was 70 and drizzly instead of 95+!

So many bales of itchy insulation

Drinking my dinner a few hours in

My boss lent me a tyvek suit and it really did help, but god it was HOT

Drywall finishing materials dropped off the next day - he was astonished we got all the insulation done 😂😂

Picking paint color

The  drywall finisher will paint the ceiling and prime the walls, and then everything is getting painted a nice neutral grey - down the line if I feel like painting individual colors in rooms I can, but for now it's just too many choices and my head was going to explode, so a single neutral it is!

Double door opening for the guest closet

Haha so the drywall hangers forgot to cut out the return in the living room 🤦 thankfully we noticed before the finisher got to working on the ceiling so we got it fixed.
I didn't take any more photos last night (#lazy) but basically the walls are done and he's ready to spray in the texture, and hopes to be done painting/priming by Friday -- and then we'll be on to prepping the woodstove surround and painting!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

WW: Ex-siding Progress

I'm desperately behind on progress pics and don't really have time to try to caption them from my phone so photo dump it is!

You knew it was coming 🤣

Marble for the woodstove surround

We had a siding color mishap but I actually prefer what we got over what I initially picked 🤣

Okay so now you're caught up to yesterday! Siding and insulation will (hopefully) be done by Sunday and next week the drywall starts -- and just in time, because my kitchen cabinets will be delivered July 24! After the drywall is done and the plumber/electrician/HVAC guys complete all their work, then it'll be up to us to finish! Not looking forward to all the painting 🙈