Friday, May 19, 2023

Long Time, No Blog

Wow I am the worst. I'm behind a horse show, sleeping in my renovated horse trailer for the first time, several lessons, and a ton of trail rides. Oh, and LRK3DE 🙈 plus an amazing visit from T and Renate. OH AND A NEW DOGGO. 

Meet Ghoulie


Us on the dachshund jump at LRK3DE 

Zero way I can catch up on all that, but highlights are on social media. I doubt things will be slowing down enough to blog much now that we're into the swing of spring/summer DOING ALL THE THINGS. 

Basically just stopping by to confirm I am in fact still alive 🤣 just staying extra busy with an extra horse and an extra dog. Plus extra responsibilities at work 🥴

Emmy is finally getting out to some off property trails! 

We even did a mother-daughter trail ride on mother's day with my mom! 

Still haven't managed to get Emmy to a lesson with my trainer yet, but she does have a dressage saddle now so hopefully that's on the docket for next month!