Wednesday, March 31, 2021

WW: Neverending Farm Projects

I cannot even express the level of irritation I have with new blogger inserting all of my photos BACKWARDS but I also don't have time to sit here and fuck with it, so here is a chronologically backwards post of the latest farm project. 

Cruce, enjoying his new yard. New yard? Why yes!

New view pulling up the driveway. Peep that nice cedar privacy panel between the house and storm shelter. Cedar porch, cedar fence, cedar garage doors. It makes me happy. 

Love it. 

My contribution to this project was limited to staining the backside (since DH took Monday off work to do it and I had meetings all day, and then I wanted to enjoy the lovely weather and ride!)

Staining the front side. 


Over the weekend, we also put up a new chain link fence for the rest of the back yard. 

It was replacing a truly sketchy "temp fence" situation we slapped up in October 2019 so we could move into the house, and then just.... never got around to updating. 

To be fair, the original goal was to put it in last spring but we got sidetracked with the garage construction and then oh yeah, global fucking pandemic. 

The chickens coming to see what's going on. 

Stretching it was the worse part, but the neighbor brought his ATV with a winch over and after that it went super quick!

We'd never put up chain link before, but it wasn't too bad actually. 

I did not help dig the holes. 

But I did yank out all the old t-posts from the temp fence. Last week involved about 80% more t-post pulling by hand than I expected, lol. At least the ground was soft so it wasn't that hard!

DH using the fake snow I bought to make a Christmas wreath last year to mark post holes, lol. Nothing ever goes to waste around here.... 

The temp fence was impossible to weedeat so the grass was grown horribly through it, which made it both unsightly and hard to yank out when we were ready. 

You can see the temp fence on the inside. It was a combination of cattle panel (to keep the big dogs in) with interior tightly woven wire (to keep the little dogs in). 

Since I wasn't much help digging the holes, I went down and gave the flagpole planter a refresh. DH brought me home those clearance tulips last week (apparently not realizing that one on the right looked on death's door). Hopefully the bulbs bounce back even if the flowers are dead for this year lol. 

Barn kitties supervising chores. 

More random octopus things from my anonymous friend. You're killing me. Reveal yourself plz. Lol. 

At any rate, the weather has actually been slightly cooperative lately so plenty of riding going on! I really planned to haul out last weekend but then DH woke up Saturday and was like "FENCE" so alas, I did not. Maybe this weekend :)


  1. I am LOVING that flagpole horse!

    1. DH went through a junk art phase, haha. He made a few 2D ones to hang in the house, and then 4 of the 3D big ones - two are at local boarding barns, one is here, and another friend has one at her private farm. I really love them!

  2. Everything looks great! Love all the cedar especially.

    1. Thank you!! I am really digging all the cedar way more than I thought I would, it's so nice.

  3. Neverending farm to do list is right!! Your yard looks fantastic and I'm not sure I ever had the chance to appropriately admire those garage doors before!!

    1. It's always something, amirite? Those doors were my one contribution to the entire garage project, I had regular doors quoted and I was like "just for shits and giggles quote the fancy "carriage house ones too"" and oh my god then I had to have them lol. But we were so far under budget on everything else it came out in the wash, thankfully!

  4. I mean this would go against ease of use, but I insert all my media one at a time lol

    1. I just take/insert so many photos that I cannot even with that 🤣 whyyyyyy can't they insert them chronologically like they used to? 🤨