Monday, October 5, 2020

If You Never Bleed You're Never Gonna Grow

New blogger fucked up the order I selected photos in, and I am too tired from fighting with it to care anymore, so you're gonna get this update out of order. Sorry not sorry? It would be nice if new blogger didn't suck so bad... ugh. 

Friday night after a mediocre ride (hey she can't always be amazing lol), Cinna was a little concerned by the deer in the back pasture. So we walked out to see them (me on the ground, because I like living). She grew approximately four hands as we got closer to them. 

I had planned for another really laid back ride like Wednesday. Unfortunately, she came out with her tail on fire so most of the ride was trying to get her to chill out and take like 3 relaxed steps in a row. 

It didn't help that the neighbor was cutting down trees or something right on the fenceline, so not only was it incredibly noisy, but he kept popping in and out of our line of sight in bright green clothes. 

We did finally end on a good note, it just took like 5 mini-bolts in the canter and a complete refusal to acknowledge any steering leading to her almost crashing into the fence before the light bulb clicked back on and she remembered she is in fact a broke horse and does understand steering and cues. 

Oh well. At least she's pretty! 

Thursday (yes, these should come before Friday, but new blogger doesn't agree), Ruby and I had a really good ride. 

I'm still a little obsessed with her mermaid browband from Pearlescent Pony. 

She actually worked up a sweat in our arena ride so we hacked out after to cool off. The neighbor's sheep were being super sketchy. She eyeballed them very closely to make sure they weren't going to attack us or anything. 

Just the best bay mare doing best bay mare things!

You can tell fall is coming in our woods. 

Saturday was supposed to be dreary and a little rainy, but I was itching to get out of the house (since I was finally off quarantine and could actually LEAVE my house haha). In a stroke of luck, Karen was only an hour away at Regionals, so I got to go play paparazzi! 

Hampton thought I might be tasty


I want to be Karen when I grow up. 

Hampton is THE ACTUAL CUTEST in his double

Karen shows with a really fun group of people, one lady brought her ducks haha. 

They were very snuggly!

There was a mobile tack store with the MOST BEAUTIFUL blingy rose gold whip that I wanted. But I own a bagillion whips already so I behaved myself and didn't buy it... sigh. 

Karen and Hampton ROCKED their AA I-1 Championship ride -- but I'll let her tell you all about that ;) 

"I am the best boy, yes?" -- Hampton, definitely. 

It was a very horsey weekend, with Sunday bringing a super fun trail adventure. But that will have to wait until tomorrow! (or Wednesday, depending on if I have any time to write lol). 


  1. Glad you were able to get in some good rides and suss out the details in the not so good rides!

  2. Um hello outfit goals with the teal whip, stirrups, and pad trim. <3

  3. ha! laughing at Cinna....well sort of but I understand your pain. Your weekend sounds awesome though.

    1. She's an entertaining sort of soul. Never the same thing twice with her 😆

  4. WHAT!? Horse show ducks - officially extremely jealous (I was a little jealous about hanging with Hampton and Karen but the ducks is the last straw - gonna go pout now)

    1. I know right, like how cool is that? She had little harnesses for them so she could walk them on a leash! Although I missed that bit of brilliance lol

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH again for coming and hanging out! It totally made my day! Hampton very thankful for all the cookies tooooo!

    1. I did bring him a lot of cookies 😂😂 thanks for letting me hang out with the cool kids club for the day!!! Maybe someday if I get off my butt and stop being lazy I can show there sometime lol

  6. Ugh, neighbors.

    So fun to go see Karen ride (and hang with some ducks)! I have the crop version of the non-blingy rose gold and it's super nice... not to enable you...