Wednesday, October 21, 2020

WW: Autumn

It's been a bit slow around here since our much-enjoyed three day weekend earler this month. Still fitting in some riding, but our weather has been all over the map. This week has been rainy and gross, so enjoy photos from when it was NOT rainy and gross. 

Had a nice hack out on Ruby. Still just on our partial trail, but apparently the neighbor's trails are coming along and about ready to connect to ours. We need to lock the goats out of the summer wood lot so we can ride on the other section of trail we have again! Between the two properties there's about 40 acres, so the more trails we clear the more options we have :)

I also really need to brushhog this front "lane", it definitely never got done this year lol. 

We had a farrier make up day last week -- our previous appointment was scheduled the day after I tested positive for covid, so obviously we cancelled it, and this was the earliest I could get back on his schedule. Their feet weren't as bad as I expected for being three weeks overdue, but still nice to have that taken care of! While my farrier worked, I poked around in Jack's mouth to see how his gums had healed up after his second surgery... looking good!

I let Jack nose around in the bucket of alfalfa scraps while Cinna got done. He thought that was cool, she was annoyed she didn't get any. Also, I need to get some hooks to hang implements on and organize my barn aisle, lol. It's gotten messy this fall!

Saturday I went to a tack auction with a friend. I was interested in bidding on some of these metal sculptures, but the seller wasn't getting the prices they wanted on the smaller ones, so they yanked most of the big ones before anyone could bid, which was frustrating. If you want to sell your stuff at retail, open a retail store. Half the fun of auctions is the occasional wild bargain!

We sat wayyyy up in the bleachers to avoid the people crowding around the auction ring. 

I did nab this awesome pitchfork. Do I already own a teal pitchfork? Sure do. More than one actually. But you can never have too many! lol

I also didn't get a picture but my friend bought a tub full of miscellaneous stuff, and there was one of THESE in the bottom. She doesn't trail ride, and didn't have any use for it, so she gave it to me. I can't wait to see what Ruby things about it, although that ship may have sailed for the year and it may not need to come out until 2021. 

DH bought me fancy rum so I hit up mixmaster Jen for some cocktail ideas. This dark 'n stormy was so good that we've enjoyed it a few times now!

I'm avoiding turning the furnace on so for the two days that it didn't get above 40 and was gross and rainy, we had fires. The dogs approved. 

I've been trying to cut back on the online shopping (and have been marginally successful) but this shirt and cup were too good to pass up -- DH and I binged Yellowstone and are now OBSESSED. 

Another day, more happy pups enjoying a fire. 

So this is roughly the background of my desk when I'm on video meetings (which we're doing more of, so I had to buy an actual webcam). My coworker commented that it looked like I was working from a jungle. She was not wrong. There are NINETEEN plants between those two windows alone. I might need to do a post about our burgeoning plant addiction -- we went from having like two plants when we moved into the house to now having close to 40 (I got curious so I went and counted just for the purposes of this post lol). 

I guess that about wraps up my (never actually) wordless Wednesday! 


  1. I approve heartily of your plant addiction. I'm up to nearly 70 potted plants in my house and...yeah.

    1. Our problem is we have filled like every available window -- we went light on windows for energy efficiency reasons and this is the first time I've ever regretted that 😂😂 but if we've collected this many in a year I'm terrified to see if we even have space to work all around all the plants in another year or two lol. At least in the summer a lot of them live outside!

  2. I can only keep one plant alive at a time. And it has to live next to a sink or I'll never water it. So nice work on all of those!

    1. We haven't really done the plant thing before so it's shocking to me that they're doing so well lol

  3. A tack auction sounds like so much fun. And that cup is awesome.

    1. They usually are a good time. I don't typically ever see anything I NEED but I am not opposed to picking up little things I want, lol. And yes, the cup is AMAZING and I love it :)