Thursday, November 12, 2020

Second Autumn

Whew, it's been a minute! We've been enjoying what I've been referring to as "second autumn" for the last week or so, including a ton of days in the mid-70s last week. I didn't get as much riding done as I would have liked early on, because I was feeling a lot of stress over the election... and if there is one thing having dramatic Spanish mares has taught me, it's that on days when my emotions are out of control, it's best not to swing into the saddle. Ruby will tolerate it a little bit, but Cinna just feeds off me and then we end up in an ugly downward spiral. But let's play catch up in photos, since that's what I'm best at! 

I did actually make it out for a ride on election day, Ruby and I had a nice time!

Saw one of our deer friends. 

Election day was also the day that a switch flipped for "grey kitty" -- he's been hanging around eating for probably 6+ months, and gradually getting over his fear of humans. Made a huge step last Tuesday when he decided head rubs were THE BEST. 

He has a really cool swirly tabby pattern (which a FB friend informed me was silver classic tabby. He probably needs a more descriptive name than Grey Kitty. DH has been calling him Ribeye, but I hate that. 

The birds discovered my new feeder and I'm still obsessed with watching them. 
Also with photographing sunsets. 

Last Saturday a local barn held a big tack sale. I had been planning to go to poke around (not that I needed anything) and hang out with friends, but then someone posted an ISO in the event looking for a 17.5" W dressage saddle.... I had been idly kicking around the idea of selling my Schleese, since I bought it for Topaz (and then sold her like 9 months later). I held onto it hoping Cinna would grow into it, but the last few times I've tried to ride her in it, she made it VERY CLEAR she doesn't care for it... the idea of listing it online and dealing with people/shipping seemed awful, but a local sale wouldn't involve most of that. So I traded a few messages with the person posting the ISO, and while it ended up not working out for them, another lady was interested in it. So I tossed it and a bag full of other junk I keep meaning to sell in my truck, and had a really nice Saturday at the sale. My saddle sold in about 20 minutes to the person who had been wanting to try it (although I told her I won't cash her check until she has a chance to ride in a few times/have her fitter give it a look over, and if it doesn't work out we'll just swap the check and the saddle back), I sold some old riding tights and bought some fun new stuff, swapped a saddle pad for some breeches, but most of all got to have lots of (masked, outdoor, distanced) conversations with local horse people... I hadn't realized quite how much I missed all those interactions I normally get photographing shows or attending GMO meetings until that day. It was really, really great.

My haul: (ignore the girth, that was something I took to maybe sell with the saddle but it was too big for her horse) black/silver bonnet, brand new white SSG gloves, a unicorn belt buckle, cute navy breeches, cute grey/teal pipers, a Fenwick titanium western pad, and DH's score -- some easyboots for Trigger. 

The easyboots were $20 for the pair, so I took a shot they would fit somebody (if not Trigger, maybe Ruby). One of them had a little dirt in the bottom, and the other was clearly brand spankin' new. 

Once things started slowing down at the tack sale, I packed up the handful of my things that didn't sell (leaving a good chunk of stuff for the local pony club because I didn't feel like taking things home lol) and headed back to fit in a little riding before we lost the light -- couldn't waste another beautiful 75-degree day! While I was gone, DH had been working with the neighbors to clear more/connect the existing trail systems. 

The 1940s Ford we drag the arena with also spent the better part of last week broke down, but DH got it up and running again by the time I got home from the sale, so walking by my freshly dragged arena made me smile. 

Clearing with a really cool tree -- I kind of want to hang a swing back here so I can walk back and read on nice days!

DH working on making the trails more horse friendly

Knocked some mud off Ruby and went out for a quick ride to check out all the new loops. 

Talked the neighbor into coming with!

One of the loops on the neighbor's side passes by the big lake.

Trigger was a good egg for this ride. He mostly shuffled along looking for stray blades of grass, but he did trot up a few hills lol. 

Another ride in my Brockamp bareback pad -- I'm a little obsessed. 

After we got back we tried the "new" boots on Trigger -- they were a pretty good fit!

And since this entry is getting a little long.... some foreshadowing for tomorrow? :)


  1. Yay for riding! And I didn't realize you had trails right off your property! That's awesome. I have some just up the street, but not sure I can connect to them from my house.

    1. We cut the original trail a few years ago, but then fenced most of it into the goat's pasture, because I wasn't riding it very much. We have 17 acres, but the original trail was only maybe a half mile, and I had gotten spoiled with the miles of trail access at a previous boarding situation, lol. But between the neighbors and us, we have about 40 acres, so the opportunity to expand the trails way further is appealing!

  2. I'm up for a trail ride... any excuse to take advantage of this awesome weather!

    1. our trail access out our back door isn't quite as fantastic as yours, but it's coming along :)

  3. I'd trail ride with you! Now to figure out how to get there lol

    1. I'm only a plane flight away! (or a really, really long road trip lol)
      I DO have a spare bedroom and a spare horse, if you ever make it out to mid MO ;) lol

  4. Build me a teleporter. I'll join you.

    1. pssssshhhhh if I could do that I'd be joining you on YOUR trails!!! <3