Monday, November 16, 2020

Mellifluous Mondays

Another day, more between the ears shots of my pretty girls! I have been super taking advantage of both the new trail loops and also the ease of just tossing on my new Brockamp bareback pad -- it provides just the right amount of structure and grip for hacking Ruby out, I've ridden in it more than I've ridden in a saddle this month, lol. 

The other night I squeezed in a bareback hack on Ruby at sunset, and then turned the arena lights on to work Cinna. 

She was absolutely brilliant. I haven't ridden her as much this month, so I kind of expected some shenanigans, but she was perfect. DH wandered out when I was cantering her around on the buckle. 

I really thought he had gotten some video of it but what he got was video of me stopping her, getting off, and them him grilling me about where the new bareback pad came from.... hahaha. Oops. 

A really gnarly storm blew in about 20 minutes after this picture and ruined our streak of 70 degree days. It was SHEETING rain with insane wind gusts, and the temp dropped like 25 degrees in 2 hours. 

We had last Wednesday off and I considered making it a very horsey day, but in the end we ran some errands and I tried to relax a bit. Work is stressful through the end of the year now so I have to take those moments where I can get them. 

Pretty frost on the leaves though!

The sun came out that afternoon so all the horses were sunbathing. 

Except Cinna. Always eating, this one... lol. 

The dogs kept me company when I went back to work Thursday. 

Snuck in another really good ride where we strung together multiple loops more than once and rode close to an hour. 

I had some concerns about Friday the 13th lol. 

If you follow my blog's FB page, you may have seen my post about Thinline. They had sent out an email weekend before last about their muzzles being 40% off the whole weekend, so I planned to stock up. The sale price showed Friday, but then not on Saturday and Sunday, so I didn't end up buying any. I emailed them, and they got back to me first thing Monday morning -- apparently their site glitched so they re-ran the sale and I went ahead and bought $275 worth of muzzles for about $130 (thanks Alli for the extra coupon!). Thumbs up to Thinline for great customer service :) also thumbs up to great blogger friends who share coupons!

Over the weekend we spent most of our free time working out at my mom's place, with this noticeable exception. We haven't put up a tree since 2009, the first year we lived out here. That year we cut down a cedar in the back pasture, and between the kitten and puppy we had at the time, it was a disaster and I swore off Christmas trees for good. DH has been making noises about getting one this fall so I finally caved and let him get a tree. I also let him set it up before Thanksgiving, which has never in the history of ever happened -- I am a very firm believer that Christmas can wait until after Thanksgiving. But its 2020 and this whole year has been a fucking shitshow so I guess why not?

Also went ahead and ordered these ornaments for said tree... haha. The one on the left a coworker showed me -- we ran into each other at the office and she was like "oh! I saw this ornament and you're the first person I thought of!" -- not sure if I should be flattered or offended, but I bought it anyway, lol. The second one keeps getting targeted ads on FB and I'm a sucker for those, you know. 

Anyway. That's what's new in my world. I hope if you've had a string of nice weather days like here, that you're getting in lots of riding -- or whatever makes your heart happy!


  1. OMG those ornaments are hilarious and amazing. That's also super awesome about the thinline grazing muzzles for like...nothing.

    1. They made me laugh, and in 2020, that's about the bar for purchases lol. Yeah I'm super excited! I got two years out of Cinna's first one, and Ruby's is still going strong at a year, so I think now that I have these four, I should be set for... approximately four or five more years at the current trend of 2 years per muzzle? 40% off plus that coupon was just too good a deal to resist, especially on something I know I'll get good use out of of :)

  2. I'm actually really happy people have started early with decorating this year. I think we need it. As a Jew, we don't do much with the decorations, so I really appreciate everyone else's! Your tree looks beautiful and I love the ornaments. So perfect!
    Glad the girls have been good! And sorry DH noticed the bareback pad... hahahaha, aren't they amazing though? I even jumped a little x in mine last weekend!

    1. It's weird because a significant portion of me is still pretty anti-decorating, but it makes DH happy and in a year where he still has to go in to work and is dealing with obscene amounts of stress, if it makes him smile, I will tolerate it! lol.

      But yeah, unfortunately he still manages to notice some of my pandemic purchases LOL