Wednesday, May 2, 2018

WW: Downsizing

In a revelation that will shock no one, I own too much tack. Wanna buy some?
Full size black monocrown Anky dressage bridle: $120
Someone trimmed the strap on the crank so it's a little short, but the bridle still fit Ruby like a glove.
Full size black Collegiate dressage bridle with reins: $100
Absolutely workhorse of a bridle that can take a beating and still polish up very nicely.
Bobby's Tack black drop noseband: $20
Sold to me as full size, but either runs large or is actually OS? Happy to take measurements.

Shipping additional. Prices somewhat negotiable for quick, uncomplicated sale.

Guess that wasn't so wordless after all! ;)


  1. You have no idea my weakness for bridles... Don't tempt me lol

    1. I dropped the prices on everything, make me an offer if you like something 😉