Wednesday, October 9, 2019

WW: Moved In!

Let's see -- where did I leave off? I think we were finishing up plumbing, waiting for the septic to get hooked up, and trying to figure out a temp fence for the dogs.

DH ended up taking a Fri-Mon-Tues off work at the end of September to knock out most of the plumbing and help supervise the septic hookup

We also made a trip to Menards in his car (ill-advised lol) and crammed it full of closet stuff.

Teeny dog was "helping"

I put together a bedframe from Amazon and was pleasantly surprised at the quality - we furnished our entire guest room from Amazon for under $500 😂

Functional water!

This doesn't look like much but it was the LAST TWO pieces of trim I had to stain.

Water heater and softener

Those little trim pieces worked SO well and make the backsplash look so finished, I love them.

The last door to stain - I actively avoided it so long that DH took pity on me and stained it himself. I had done the previous 8 and my back was MAJORLY ANGRY at me.

This divided laundry hamper has been life changing #adultingsohard
Closet day

So even though I measured the closet like 61518472 times, spacially what I wanted just wasn't working. So we rearranged about 6 times and came up with a far better use of the functional space!

coat closet shelf and hanging bar

Yay giant hole in my back yard!

More closet stuff

Bathroom looking slightly more finished

Tragedy - we built a climate controlled shed to house several antique pieces of furniture I planned to have in the house.....annnnnnd apparently at some point in the last year or two it started leaking. Still looking into whether or not this is worth repairing 😭😭

The water also necessitated opening this china and washing it all - this box hadn't been unpacked since 1970 when it was packed at the factory

He got a FB shout-out for this one but he deserves another - marry a man who will uncomplainingly sit for hours with you hand washing close to 200 pieces of china

At least the hutch survived mostly intact!

Last week one of our "splurge" items arrived - a brand new really high quality bedroom set and split king temper pedic mattresses 😍😍😍

Replacement appliances arrived intact!
(Fun fact, they were delivered by the guy who had picked up the broken ones, and he caught me on a super bad day trying to deal with things alone and everything had gone wrong, so when he showed up I was sobbing my eyes out in the back of the truck wrestling with the gooseneck hitch. He didn't bat an eyelash at my incoherent babbling and had the appliances loaded up lickety split. When DH was on the phone with him making arrangements for the second delivery, the guy was like "oh, you're the one with the wife" 😂😂 so apparently I made quite an impression, poor guy. Bless him. 

My back was super out basically all of last week so luckily the neighbor was able to help DH with the appliance install so I moved shoes

Boots and boat shoes are pretty much all the shoes I need, right? 

It still needs to be leveled, badly 🙈

I went with a memory foam mattress in a box for the spare and the card that came with it was hysterical

It didn't look like much to start but it did puff up substantially overnight and I'm gonna have to agree with the 29k good reviews - I was super impressed with it and although I'm not sleeping on it, it does seem comfy. I need a blogger to come visit for the weekend to test it 😉

Hanging the guest room closet system

Last Friday all the sheets and comforters and whatnot came in (I didn't have any king size stuff)

Guest room bed out together 

Friday DH hustled his ass off and built a dog yard while I moved enough stuff in to officially start living there!

The dogs were a little weirded out at first but they adapted well
Sunrise the first morning in our house 🥰
 (well technically we slept there the night the septic was first operational but the dogs were so wound up they didn't let us sleep so I said we weren't trying that again on a work night 😴😂)

We had to buy all new living room furniture too and before we had it, they were pretty peeved about the lack of a couch to sleep on!

While we were furniture shopping last weekend my mom came over and finished the grout

DH also bought an absurdly large TV 

Some fun closet features include a sliding tie rack (for him) and a sliding belt rack (one for each of us)

We hung the guest bedroom doors last weekend, so now aside from curtains it's pretty much done!

We also hung the master bathroom mirrors last weekend (hard to get ready for work if you can't see yourself!)


Adventure unicorn Francois moved in this week too! (The dogs were really too interested in him so I put him somewhere safe 😂)

We still have a few more odds and ends to finish up (towel bar in the master bathroom, mirror on the guest bathroom, curtains, gutters, etc), but for the most part we're DONE. Now we begin the even less fun process of moving the rest of our stuff over and getting rid of what doesn't make the cut (basically all our old furniture, half my clothes, etc, lol). 

170 days from breaking ground to moving in...... Can I go ride my horse now? 😁😁😁


  1. Yay congratulations you guys! It looks fantastic and I can't believe you did most of it yourselves

  2. Woohoo! What a great feeling!
    This is the winter of house projects... can't wait. Where did you get your bathroom mirrors (if I didn't already ask you, I can't remember!)?

    1. The mirrors actually came with the vanity, I ordered it as a set from Wayfair 🙂

  3. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU. Just found that mattress and added it to an Amazon list for future reference lol

    1. 😁😁😁😁😁
      I wasn't brave enough to take the plunge on it for our main mattress but I figured for a guest room that price couldn't be beat - I'm really curious how it sleeps but not curious enough to forgo the delicious temper pedic we bought for ourselves 😂😂 so I need someone to come test it for me lol

      And yeah the amount of stuff I have saved on Amazon from this process over the last few years is RIDIC. I need to clean out my list!

  4. Congratulations!!! This is exciting

    1. also let me know your thoughts on the mattress! We need a new on and I've been looking at those.

  5. You guys have been working SO hard these last several months - I couldn't believe how much you guys got done in such a short time. Your house is BEAUTIFUL - I particularly love the barn style doors and the nods towards your favorite color. What a achievement and what a beautiful home!

    1. Thank you! There have been many days where the process felt neverending and I was discouraged about not getting to ride, but the end result makes it all worthwhile. Although the horses will be sad their "vacation" wasn't any longer, lol.

  6. Congratulations! And that card is everything wonderful in marketing.

    1. Thanks! And isn't it? My husband didn't find it nearly as funny as I did, but I work in communications sooooo 🤷‍♀️😂

  7. Yay congrats! Your house looks great now it's time to enjoy it :)

  8. Congratulations!!! It looks beautiful! I'm so impressed with all that work you guys did yourselves!

    1. Thank you! It's kind of neat knowing how much of it we did (although I'm definitely not sorry it's over lol)