Monday, January 6, 2020

New Year, New Me?

Just kidding, I'm gonna be the same old inconsistent blogger in 2020. But I did think I should try to get off to a good start, and I have actually ridden TWICE already in the first week of the new year, so we can start there :)
DH accidentally left his door unlatched one night and Jack had an aisle party.
He very helpfully pooped ON the manure fork though, so there's that. 

Last week Friday I got home from work and the weather wasn't awful, so I grabbed Cinna. I knew before we even made it to the ring that the ride was going to be a shit show, but that's okay!
When the giraffe comes out like that in the cross ties, better hold on 🤣
DH wasn't home from work yet, and believe it or not, I DO have some sense of self-preservation, so I decided a lengthy lunge and then walk-only ride would probably be in our best interest. She was explosive on the lunge line and in hand, but she did settle in and we had some nice work at the walk. Annnnnnd then DH got home and let the big dogs out, and they charged the fence barking. The yard at the new house is a lot closer to the arena, and they hadn't been out in it while I was riding yet. Cinna decided to expediently vacate the area. I managed to stay with her, laughing the whole way. After the dogs went back inside, we did manage to find some relaxation and end on a good note.
Missing some legs here 🤔 

How we felt after the ride 😆
It was still a productive ride, even if not in the way I hoped. She hasn't been in regular work and the weather has been all over the map, so just getting her out was a win in my book!
Robot vacuum cleaner = more time for me to ride while it does my housework for me 🤣 new favorite purchase!
We had more nice weather yesterday, so I managed to meet up with a group of friends for some trail riding! We went to Three Creeks Conservation Area, which DH and I did manage to visit back in 2018. I was a bit underwhelmed on that trip, but we parked at a different trailhead and ended up getting some direction tips from a rider/hiker pair who were on their way out as we were tacking up.
Adventure pony!
I opted to ride in my Ludomar after I saw it being used on horses in the Witcher (which I binged a few weeks ago, lol) and it reminded me how much I liked that saddle -- although I really do need to get a sheepskin cover for it!
Stuck with the trail hackamore though, didn't go full Spanish on the bridle (although I *did* consider it!)

With some better guidance this time, we were able to navigate several of the loops and rode through some of the namesake three creeks. There were a few rocky and hilly sections, and Trigger struggled a bit. He's getting a bit too old for some of the more difficult trails, so next time I may need to see if DH is ready to step up to Ruby and I can bring baby brain Cinna.
Ruby was a little unsure about her new friend Mikey the mule

But she definitely liked her little mini-me, another opinionated little bay mare also named Ruby!

My poofy vest and fleece tied around my waist was an unflattering look lol

Aside from Trigger getting a little tired, we had a lovely time! Good company (several ladies I know through the local GMO), and we couldn't have asked for better weather (50s and sunny!). We ran in to a few hikers, and some with dogs, but everyone was very polite! The equisense tracked about 2 hours 20 minutes, although quite a bit of that was standing still (the group as a whole had some small tack issues that had to be addressed).
All in all a really good start to 2020! Hopefully we can keep up the momentum and I can get the horses fit so lessons can resume :)


  1. hey maybe the 'forced break' of house building was actually a good thing!

    1. Could be! 😅 I did really miss writing things out for this space (not that I was really ever good or consistent about it haha)

  2. Replies
    1. I should have been more like you and gone on a New Year's Day ride! 😁

  3. Sounds like a great day! So nice to meet other horses (and a mule!) out there too. So funny there was another Ruby!

    1. Yes it was a lovely time! And the other Ruby was TOO CUTE. She's a Morgan, and aside from a smidge of white around a hind hoof and being a bit shorter than my Ruby, they were twinsies! Both mares with lots of opinions 😆

  4. Sounds like your year is off to a good start! I'd like to think a robot vacuum would get me more time, but that would imply I ever actually vacuum if company isn't coming by. Ahem. I laughed way harder than I should have at the poop on the pitch fork LOL. Glad you survived your encounter with your own dogs, and the trail ride looks LOVELY.

    1. To be perfectly honest, vacuuming wasn't really a chore that was on my radar until recently 🤷‍♀️ somehow having this very functional space that I poured so much effort into makes me oddly into keeping it clean and nice 🤣 it's very strange! I'm sure the feeling will pass when the new wears off lol.

  5. having a good vacuum is such a treat and totally does make life easier!

    1. It's such a weirdly niche adult thing to be so excited about. Is this is? Is this my 30s? 🤣🤣