Wednesday, March 4, 2020

WW: Kids & Construction

New bebe goals born Monday! Two darling little girls. And of course, Blanca is the BEST mom! And in construction news....

Garage slab is poured. Will hopefully start framing over the weekend, and I picked out some awesome garage doors (which is really my only contribution to this project, it's DH's baby lol).


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    1. Would you believe me that they offer not only teal, but dark teal?! I've pushed DH on the teal thing enough though I think 😂😂 they make a really pretty cedar that should match our pillars/porch so I'm gonna go with that instead lol.

    2. i'm really disappointed to hear this.

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    1. This is literally the best time to snuggle them, they're not coordinated enough to run away 😂

  3. BABIES!!!!! They're so cute!
    And I saw how much you guys got done over the weekend! Crazy! Can't wait to see the doors!

    1. Those will take a little longer, the company has to come out and measure and there is still some door framing to be done I guess? Idk, not my department 😂 it was a long weekend, thankfully punctuated by lots of playing with the kids!