Wednesday, May 12, 2021

WW: Vet Visit

Won't be totally wordless (are my WW posts ever? haha), but we had a good vet visit where everything was routine, which was SUCH a relief after last year

Blogger reversed the image order AGAIN. Oh well. Jack modeling his new fly sheet. It's actually a $40 ebay special and I like it WAY MORE than the ones I normally get, so naturally when I went back to order new ones for everyone else, they were out of the sizes I need. Because of course they were. That's just sort of my life these days. 

Angry drunk pony.
Two of the vets that were out were the ones who took care of Trigger through his hoof rehab, so they were so excited to see how well it's grown out! And also how sound he is (since Friday morning while I was at the other vet with Cici, DH was cleaning up the barn and raking old hay from the aisle into the turnout, and Trigger took the opportunity to bust through the door, run over to the neighbor's, duck down their trail, and have himself a good ol' time haha).

Checked on the holes from where he was missing two molars (one came out on it's own, one pulled last summer). Everything looked reasonably okay!

My special needs tooth child also got a relatively good check up -- just took down some of the rough edges, but everything else looked good!

Trigger being a pest. 

In the aisle for his TPR being sassy. I reminded the vets that last year he was a SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT for his sedation so they backed down his dose, and he was still almost on the floor anyway, lol. 

Ruby - nothing weird, just taking down some points and hooks. 

The guy vet actually went in to do her TPR while the other vets were working on Cinna and I was so busy watching the float that I didn't realize he'd gone in there and done the whole thing without haltering her - I don't think he realized it either until after he got her temp, lol. She's such a good egg ;) this was after we haltered her to give her the sedation to start on her teeth. 

Started with Cinna and her weird offset molar. Just some normal work to smooth out the edges, nothing weird. Bless all of these horses for giving me a slight break on the vet bills!

Cici had a morning acu appointment. 

She was doing SO WELL that the vet said we can go back down to 6-8 week maintenance, and she's off almost all her drugs as of today (tapering off the steroids, has been off the painkillers/muscle relaxers since the weekend). Of course yesterday she seemed sort of ouchy so I immediately started to doubt EVERYTHING but she's got laser tomorrow and we still have another 1.5 weeks of tapering off the steroids and we'll see how it goes. I guess. Sigh. I'm really over this at this point. 

Skeptical dog is skeptical lol. 

I'm glad that the vet bills will be stabilizing a little, and that the horses gave me a break after last year's complete and utter shit show of expenses. I guess if there's a silver lining to working remotely last year, it's that the money I saved not commuting covered three dental surgeries, one really bad hoof puncture and rehab, and then Cici's litany of back/neck issues this spring!


  1. Gotta love reasonably cheap and nice fly sheets! I'm gonna be saving for Thunder to get literally every kind of fly protection under the sun next summer, sigh. Also hope Cici continues to feel better <3

    1. Jack is the most bothered by the flies, he will run himself into a lather, while they rest are only marginally annoyed, thankfully. And thank you, she still has the occasional bad moment but overall still seems to be trending in the right direction 🤞

  2. Awww I'm so happy Cici has bounced back

    1. Still not quite out of the woods entirely buy definitely world's better than a few weeks ago!