Friday, February 23, 2024

Back to Work

Between getting Emmy's fitness ramped back up now that I have enough daylight for quick trail rides after work, I'm also putting time into Cinna - if she's going to be marketable, she needs to ride like the semi-trained horse that she is 不

There are nice moments in between the... Llama moments lol. 

She is....rotund and unfit at the moment, so the rides are not long, just making sure we can w/t/c appropriately with a minimum of bolting. She's been out twice this week and hopefully will also get ridden this weekend. Hard to have three in regular work with a job and a commute! 

Riding in the dark with a friend last night. 

Tack choices are hard - I gave away the dressage saddle I used to ride her in, because I had mostly switched to riding her in my flex tree endurance saddle, but I wanted to go back to dressage. Currently she's sporting the WOW I have on loan from a friend (originally for Emmy) and it doesn't seem to be an egregiously awful fit, although she is an actual BARREL so sometimes it just sort of wants to... Roll off to one side, lol. She had been going in a nathe before, but I'm currently trying her in an eggbutt titanium Lorenzini I picked up at the tack swap last fall. She has moments of "OMG NO THNK U" and then moments where she's fine, so I'll keep plugging away at it. 

My goal was conformation photos and instead DH makes her look like a whole ass pony 不 and she's not! She is a perfectly normal height and takes up the leg nicely lol. 

We'll see how things go this year!


  1. He does make her look like a pony!

  2. Hahaha cutest little grey pony :)

  3. Hahaha! She looks Shiny sized next to DH! That's so funny. Glad she's coming back into work semi well. She's a lovely mare.

    1. She really is, I regret that she's not my particular cup of tea but I'm having fun bringing her back into work!