Wednesday, May 11, 2022

WW: Heat Wave

As I continue to wait (im)patiently for my package (MAYBE TODAY?!?!), we're still being productive!

Spectating my GMO's dressage camp last weekend was so fun! Penny continues to be the best little doggo. She quietly watched all the lessons, didn't mind getting passed around to stranger's laps when I needed to photograph, and generally was just a tiny rockstar. 

Had to pop her basket into the backseat when I ran a friend into town to grab lunch on the break. 

Modeling some of the swag!

Potty break before the Derby - mmmmm mint juleps!

The old men are still holding on to some winter hair despite regular dates with the shedding blade. Fairly tickled with how this guy looks at 27 <3

Surrounded by hair I pulled off him, lol. I was unhappy with how he came out of winter, but like our vet said, he has perked right back up and is steadily gaining weight now that the grass is in!

Penny took her first boat ride. 

She was nonchalant about it, as you can see... lol. 

Mostly she just napped! Sandbar was pretty underwater so we didn't take her there, maybe next time. 

I was starting to worry summer dapples weren't coming this year, but apparently they're just late! (Google Memories keeps taunting me with far dapplier photos from previous years, lol)

New cross-ties finally came in! Teal biothane, so the weather won't hurt them, lol. 

With temps in the 90s all week, there's been a lot of sunrise rides. 

And middday snoozes. 

New fly masks!

Have to document them being clean and pretty for the .02 seconds before the horses rub dirt into them. 

Ruby was the only one who didn't murder her fly mask last year so she didn't get a pretty new one lol. 

Accurate representation of how humid it's been.  

Smol turtle fren

Still rocking the endurance saddle, although I mayyyyyyyy work towards getting her back into a dressage saddle soon. Details to come. Possibly. Who knows. 

It took Penny approximately 48 hours to learn the routine when I WFH - she was the first one in here curled up in her bed by my computer this morning. 


  1. It is so freaking hot and next week is going to be even worse!

    1. We're supposed to settle back into seasonable norms next week (70s/80s), although it is the Midwest, so that forecast will probably change 91628263 times between now and then!

  2. Can't wait for the package reveal!!! (Cheating since I follow your instagram, but I can't wait to hear the details!!)

  3. I know what's in the box!!! Waiting for the post...
    Also, how is it so hot there when it's been like 40 here?!
    Your horses are all looking great!

    1. Yeah I've got other friends complaining about freeze warnings and we're over here in an oven 🥵🥵 thank you!