Thursday, September 29, 2022

Trail Adventures: Shooting Star

Sorry it has been so quiet here most of the month, I got shamed into updating again 🤣 (thanks Sarah!). Work has been exceptionally busy which from a professional standpoint is wonderful, but it's mentally exhausting. Add that to DH still being on a 10 lb weight restriction recovering from his emergency back surgery in August meaning I have to handle 100% of the chores at home, that typically saps what little physical energy I have left at the end of a long work day. The horses are borderline feral and I am not getting to ride as much as I'd like. But. I'll try to write about those handful of rides and also keep up to date on adventures - whether that's updates on the trailer conversion or the occasional trail ride! So here goes! 

Last Sunday I got to sneak away with some friends to ride at a new to me place in the morning before working all afternoon on the horse trailer. Since my trailer was partially ripped apart, a generous friend offered to come get me in her trailer if she could ride Trigger, so off we went to meet some more of the core trail ride group we've put together this year - it's so nice to have such a big group because even though everyone can't make it every time, we still usually end up with a good mix of horses. And it's been AMAZING for Ruby to figure out she doesn't always have to lead, she can settle in mid pack with no issues, or switch around to help other horses gain confidence. And Trigger is basically reverse aging with all the riding he's done this year, you never know he was 25 and he has stopped lagging a quarter mile behind the rest of the group like he used to do with DH. He's so peppy! 
Tacking situation at this trail was.... In the middle of a gravel road. Definitely an adventure. 

Best girl ♥️

Perks of being picked up was I didn't have to drive at all! Wheeeeeee!

Trigger is developing quite a fan club and I cannot even with how cute he is ♥️♥️♥️

The weather was PERFECT and the trail was lovely. 

A giant group of folks on mules (who had taken over essentially the whole road when we were parking) were having a BBQ in the woods lol. 

A creekbed that would be way more fun with water, but we're still in a drought, womp womp. 

I love her happy trail ears ♥️

We did 5 miles in a bit under 2 hours, and it was so refreshing! I was worried about taking barefoot horses on this trail because I'd heard it could be rocky, but Ruby managed fine and Trigger had his front boots. I really do need to invest in boots for Ruby next! 


  1. Y'all do the best trail rides, I love it

    1. Our trail group has been a source of sanity in a really trying year, and I appreciate all of them so much! We are lucky to have pretty decent access to trails in this area, even if I usually have to do a bit of driving lol.

  2. Sounds like a fun morning! Trigger looks amazing, he's just the cutest!
    Um... you're still in a drought and those people were having a bbq in the WOODS?! That seems like a terrible idea.

    1. They made a lot of choices I wouldn't have made 🫣 when we originally got to the trailhead they just had their mules tied with their butts taking up 2/3 of the road, we were practically in a ditch trying to get around them without actually hitting them and the people just watched us instead of like, pushing their butts up parallel with the trailer to make things safer 🥴