Friday, September 30, 2022

First Day of Fall and Subsequent Rides

Missouri graced our first day of fall last week with a 40 degree temperature drop. So naturally I went out to ride Ruby bareback in yoga pants and Sperrys 🙃 #safetyfifth lol

She was fine, because #bestbaymare™️

Hacked on the buckle, w/t/c both directions. Good girl. 

She's looking pretty baller with her winter coat coming in all dapply. 

Snagged an Eponia for $55. 

The patent had some scuffs but the leather is overall great. 

Running out of bridle room though 🤣

The fittings being gold aren't my favorite but it works with the Verbindend and I found reins with gold buckles #tackhoarderprobs haha

This week is perfect riding weather - mid-70s and sunny!

The little chunk of hair blowing in the wind was killing me lol.

Still anxiously waiting for TrainerB to move into her new place, although I really can't move my trailer much until we get a little farther into the renovation process (like panels on the walls lol) so I guess it works out fine timing wise! 


  1. I mean... at least you used a bridle with a bit for such weather. Lol! Glad you had a nice ride!