Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Horse Trailer Conversion

Soooooo if we're FB friends, you probably already saw that I've started working on renovating my horse trailer tack room into a weekender. I'd like to show more, but hotels are $$$$ and the closest show venue is juuuuuust far enough that driving back and forth blows. I'm also casually shopping actual LQ horse trailers and if I find one I want in my budget, that isn't out of the question either (不) but in the meantime, this gives me something to do and if I like the results, I won't buy something new! Anyway. Here's the progress to date:

I have literally always hated this carpeting. 

Came out SO EASILY 

Then I had so much glue to scrape off. 

Browsing paneling. 

Saving ideas from the Horse Trailer Conversion group. 

Pulled out the floor carpet!

More ideas from the group. I asked DH if one of the prisons could do custom butcher block countertops for me 予

Electrical supplies 

Replacing the windows - shout out to 4-Star for having THE BEST customer service. Had these windows 4 days after I emailed asking about how to order replacements for my '99 trailer I bought used. 

Not a true project until somebody bleeds lol. 

Using the carpet we pulled out as a template to cut insulation.


Traced the cut insulation onto plywood to try to avoid a lot of obnoxious measurements 

Plywood over the insulated floor

More #inspo I saved 

LVP floor down! 
Yes, I still have flooring left over from the house that I used in the Taj MahTeal and now this 不不

Electric plugin installed 
Not gonna lie, the thought of drilling a hole in my beautiful trailer gave me hives so I'm glad DH did it while I was gonna trail riding 不

Inside. Electric box coming soon!

Made a lot of progress this weekend before we ran out of insulation - I need to go get more supplies!

I also spent an uncomfortable amount of money buying the heat & a/c unit, a mini fridge (in blue naturally 不), and a mattress, so hopefully if we keep progressing at this rate maybe DH and I can sneak away for an overnight at the trail riding ranch before it gets too cold!


  1. So fun! I almost commented on FB that the flooring looked familiar to your tack room floor lol, glad you confirmed that for me. I also spy lots of teal in your inspo photos, I'm so excited for the finished product!!

  2. Dang look at that progress! Can't wait to see what it eventually looks like

    1. I'm still in the phase where I can't mentally envision the finished project (which is how I spent most of the house building process) but I think it'll be okay 不

  3. Ooh awesome!! Can't wait to see the finished product, you guys are amazing!

  4. I have been following this on FB with envy. I love what you are doing. A friend of mine did this with her 3 horse slant load. even put an awning on it for when she's parked.

    1. So the full LQ I'm still contemplating buying has an awning, so if I do end up keeping this, I'm sure it'll be on the list

  5. I'm thoroughly enjoying this project! I don't think you're going to want something else when this is done. Smart to use the old carpet for a template, what a timesaver!

    1. I'm actually looking at a full LQ tomorrow, so we'll see 不 but I do love my trailer!! And I sort of want to see the project through regardless, idk, maybe I'm nuts haha.

    2. Hahahaha! Well, selfishly, I'm glad you plan to see it through because I'm not sure I could handle not seeing the finished product!

    3. We'll see how it goes! I have so many ideas I'm curious if the reality would live up to my expectations and the only way to know would be to finish it

  6. I just dragged Mike in here to make him look at this post and he loved it.

    1. I feel like DH and Mike would get along well. I wish we lived closer!