Monday, July 18, 2016

A Post in Pictures

Nothing really interesting on the riding front. Taking a step back to regroup after last week's grumpiness. Baby horse has had a few more good sessions on the ground, and Ruby got acclimated to my western saddle in preparation for a long trail ride soon. So I'll leave you with some fun snapshots from my last few days. Excuse any wonky spacing, as I'm writing this entry entirely from my phone!

New FitBit bands. Master level matchy matchy.

Bottle tree is coming along nicely.

Wannabe western pony.

Walmart clearance = new Adult Pony Club cup. Tested it on a brief trail ride last night. Lack of a slider on the lid means you should only use it on a calm horse or you will wear wine. I speak from experience! 

The big dogs got new collars

Planted a rosebush

We chased chickens.


  1. Your preferred color scheme looks quite similar to mine with the bands. :)

  2. Omg so many Fitbit bands!!!!