Wednesday, December 7, 2016

I've Got Nothing

Sorry it's been quiet here this week. We ended up with a second dachshund on cage rest so it feels like my entire life revolves around trying to keep them both comfortable and quiet -- anyone who has dachshunds probably knows that's an uphill battle.
We also spent Sunday visiting my grandma. Without going into a ton of detail (because this blog is mostly supposed to be about the horses), she isn't doing well. She only intermittently recognized me. I'm grateful that most of our family still lives near her, and that she has basically daily visits, but I still wish I were closer. We're planning on visiting again for Christmas, so hopefully things turn around by then.
We did have fun at the ACS Christmas party last weekend!
DH and I are hosting the Christmas party for my GMO this weekend, which is great, except I seem to have come down with the plague (I'm writing this from my couch, where I plan to spend my entire day).
Probably giggling at this goober with his new 'baby'.
Aside from that, we're mostly trying to get the house and property ready for our trip next week -- stocking up on all the feed for the various animals, writing up feeding instructions and emergency contacts, cleaning the spare room so the housesitter has somewhere to sleep, making a medication chart for the dachshunds (since they'll be transitioning off steroids the week we're gone), and so many other fun things. I'm starting to remember why we never go on vacation.....
All the badger dogs got new beds! (Which they delight in pissing on, because, dachshunds....)


  1. People think Siberian huskies are difficult dogs, but you couldn't PAY me to own a dachschund! They're far more difficult in my mind lol

    1. They're not for everyone.... haha. I really, really, really love them like 95% of the time, it's just cage rest that is awful! They are such goofy, personable, entertaining little shits though 😀 and they're settling into a decent cage rest routine now, so hopefully we're over the worst of it.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the ailing family members dogs and yourself!!

    1. Thanks! The dogs should mend (barring any unforeseen complications). Grandma is a little more touch and go, although I've gotten some encouraging reports this week!