Friday, December 2, 2016

November Goals Review/December Goals

November Goals 
- (Cinna) Attend first horse show, complete one dressage test without leaving the arena or dumping rider 
Success! And the icing on that cake was her nonchalant attitude, superb score, and actually bringing home satin!
- (Cinna) Continue to work as often as weather allows 
Mixed bag on this. After the show I trail rode her once, and have lunged her a few times.
 - (Ruby) Attend fall schooling show, attain scores necessary to be eligible for CDCTA year-end awards 
Success! And I found out earlier this week we were reserve champion at Training Level this year! Not bad considering I only showed enough to get like the minimum scores to be eligible… haha. I had no plans to try for year-end awards this year, so this was a nice bonus! 
- (Ruby) Go on another ride at Indian Camp Creek, or a new trail 
Well..... I did go on another ride at ICC, but I took Trigger, because Ruby was healing from a small shoulder gash. Soooo, I guess that was a fail too... haha. 
- (Myself) Continue working out regularly, either at the gym or using DVDs at home 
Uhhhhhh didn’t really happen…. At all. I could make a million excuses, but I just didn't.
- (Myself) Seriously STAHP spending money and repay savings account for impulse hot tub purchase and save for PR 
All aboard the failboat…. Haha. Placed a stress order with Riding Warehouse (no regrets) and succumbed to a 12 days of Christmas deal for a much needed blanket for Ruby.

December Goals
I waffled back and forth for a while trying to write some reasonable, attainable goals for this month, but I honestly just can’t think of any. My work – life – barn/riding balance is in complete and utter disarray, the weather has officially moved into sucky winter territory (I don’t do well below 40 degrees), I’m starting to get panicked about how much I have to get done before our vacation and no time to do it in, and I’m deep into the December financial doldrums of “why are tax bills and all of my truck licensings due the same month that I have to buy Christmas presents for everyone and WHY DID I THINK IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO GO ON VACATION AT THE SAME TIME?!?!” 
Dachshunds are great. Until they have back problems.
Mmmmm yes, cue full on melt down earlier this week. Adding to that slightly stressful mix is the fact that we have one dachshund on cage rest, one possibly heading that way, my grandma's health is failing, my boss is leaving the organization I work for (and the last time that happened it took 6+ months to fill the position), and several other things going on I don’t even have the energy to detail. Sooooo my stress level is currently hovering around DEFCON 2 and making goals for the month seems a little too daunting. 

So here are my not-goal goals for December… 
- (Myself) Destress, decompress, and drink lots of rum on the beach in Puerto Rico. Also, try to go horseback riding. 

That’s it. That’s my only goal for December. And hopefully I will have a renewed stock of ambition and energy for January!


  1. Maybe we need to set ourselves up for success and say we will make weekly purchases.... because no spending periods fail miserably for me

    1. I mean, the blanket was necessary... So maybe only one impulse purchase was an improvement? Maybe if I say I get one $50 splurge a month that's more attainable haha.

  2. I'll just shop vicariously through you two instead 😎

  3. Congrats on the year end award!! And totally agreed about your last goal ;)

    1. Thank you! It was a nice surprise, I just submitted my scores for shits and giggles 😇