Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Tack Shed Renovation: Progress - Day One

When I last left off in this renovation saga, I was having a very much first world problem pity party about the fact that Menards was out of my paneling and it was going to take 3+ weeks to get it in. We did have the supplies to finish out the electrical updates (more lights and outlets) and all of the necessary insulation, but without the motivation of paneling right there, DH was less inclined to work in the tack shed and more inclined to play with his new car lift and tinker with lawnmowers. I was okay with that, because it depressed me to even be in the shed in it's sad, partially wired, one quarter insulated state... haha. The pity party was SO REAL guys.
Feeling very sorry for myself, OKAY
And then last Friday I morning I was staring down a three-day weekend with nothing concrete and productive planned and I was in a very "woe is me" headspace. So I dragged DH to a state park to do some hiking and give me a chance to take some photos (and he briefly sent up his drone). It was a great day - perfect weather, the hiking was great, photo ops were unreal, I've always wanted to see these castle ruins (seriously!)... and then it got even better. I got an email notification that my panels had arrived and were ready for pickup, 10 days ahead of schedule! Whoo!! (DH did not share my excitement, lol)
Ha Ha Tonka is so cool! These are just phone photos, the camera photos are better, I just haven't done anything with them yet. 
That left us free to spend the rest of the weekend working on the shed! Naturally I was up and at 'em early on Saturday, doing chores and emptying as much loose tack and things in the way out of the shed, freeing up DH's time to finish the electrical work. By midday, he was done, so we ran up to Menards to grab the paneling (and pick up a few more necessities). When we got back, I dove into finishing the insulation. Have I mentioned how much I hate insulation? Because I really do. Trying to insulate over my head while standing on a ladder six feet in the air is NOT my idea of a good time. But I finally got everything but the gable ends done (mostly because I was totally stumped on how to insulate such a weird shaped space).
I moved stuff that didn't need to be totally climate controlled into my horse trailer for a few days, and found this. Guess we're not going anywhere for a while!
Hey remember that I own this saddle pad? I didn't remember, hahahaha. 
Wiring in two can lights to supplement the chandelier. 
Impulse purchase. Cause I'm extra AF. 
Getting started. 
Half done. 
Then I finished up all the walls, and jammed extra insulation into every crevice I could find.
That's where we left off on Saturday night -- come back tomorrow to see the TACK SHED TRANSFORMATION and prepare to be amazed! ;)


  1. The robin eggs match your color scheme! Also love the shell shaped pad, where did you get it??!

    1. Haha I picked that up in a random tack sale a few years back. I think they were a pretty limited run item and the company went out of business, but a few of the pads are still floating around here and there:

      There's an old listing for one in a different color, although they are clearly out of stock.

    2. I have one of those too, I think it came as a three or four pack.
      Thanks for the reminder! I should dig it out of my tack trunk...

    3. They're kind of wild! I never used it but I had plans to dye it a better color than white someday 😂

  2. Ugh, cliffhanger!!! I mean... I follow your insta... but still. Unfair!

    1. 😘 anyone who is social media friends with me already knows there this is going lol

  3. So do you like teal or do you like robin's egg blue? Hmmmmmmmmmmm...

    1. I don't discriminate, I'm down with just about any shade of blue there is 😂

  4. Replies
    1. I mean, you may have seen the pictures on FB already ;) haha.