Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Tack Shed Renovation: Trim

I'm not sure if you remember my incessant kvetching from last summer/fall (or if I only subjected my close friends to it) about how much I HAAAAAATE finish work. I loathe it. Ugh. So naturally, I was torn between how badly I want my tack shed to be COMPLETE and how much I truly, truly, with every fiber of my being, hate finish work. Anyway.
Remember the eggs from last week? They hatched!
Last week, I slowly got to work sanding and staining the door and floor trim. I have a little electronic sander thingy (I'm sure it has an official name) so it didn't take long to get the boards all prepped, it was just mind-numbingly dull and also I'm a bit of a klutz so I tore up my knuckles a bit from not being careful with it haha.
Work smart, not hard -- doing all the house trim and doors royally fucked up my back so I learned my lesson about having the items at an appropriate height to work on lol. DH was not thrilled to find me co-opting his car lift, and he was pretty clear that I wasn't allowed to stain them in there... lol. 
The stain was also a brief evening project -- when we picked up the paneling I had grabbed another can of the color stain I was using, just to be safe, since it only came in itty bitty cans. You can never have too much teal stain!
I grabbed this paintbrush with the first can of stain and my dumb ass didn't consider that it was wider than the mouth of the stain can. Durrrrrrr. 
I rifled through DH's garage and came up with a better alternative. 
A brief moment of enjoying the color. I love it so much!
It's a pretty thick stain -- more like a watered down paint. You can see the wood grain through it, but it's DARK. 
Trying to get it to dry enough to put away in the shed before dark. 
I don't ever wear appropriate protective gear and naturally ended up wearing quite a bit of the stain. 
Finishing drying in the shed. 
DH didn't want to try to install it during the evening, so it had to wait until Saturday morning. Mostly because it involved dragging a lot of tools over to the shed.
Had to drag out the big saw. 
Trimming around the French doors. Hard to photograph because the light coming in the doors always blows out all the photos I take that direction. Oh well. 
I was afraid the stain would clash horribly with the spray paint I used for some of the other accents, but it's really not bad. Go me!
We had to rearrange the saddles again, for the 50th time. Haha. 
In the last post, I pointed out that the corners and where the walls met the ceiling needed a little bit more trim to hide some of the imperfections. Initially I was going to get more pine trim and stain it but the idea of staining that much more trim was exhausting (and, as DH pointed out, that would be a LOT of teal -- which isn't a problem for me, but ya know...), so I ended up just buying some white pre-finished trim locally. Cheap, easy to install, not too distracting. So we worked on that on Sunday.
Sunday morning before we worked on the shed, he shaved off all his hair. The best thing is that now his phone's recognition software doesn't know who he is 😂
I still think my preference would have been teal but it WAS nice to not have to stain it. Compromises?
Voila, all the boring finish work complete! Now on to the fun stuff - organizational items! Finally! Tune in tomorrow to see it start taking shape.


  1. So. Much. Trim. Ugh. I share the same feelings with you on finish work.

    1. It's annoying but DAMN does it make a visual difference when its done, ugh. Like when your tack room windows got trimmed! I'm not sorry to be done with it though :)

  2. That is a beautiful tack room!

  3. I love the white corner trim. Just think of it like this, because that's not teal, it will make the things that are teal pop more without stealing some of the show. I think it's a good decision!

  4. Looks amazing! I like the white trim. It's okay to let that be more subtle. Don't want to detract from the chandelier!

    1. Haha yes, cannot have anything distract from the chandelier! Since that IS the best part!

  5. It looks great!!! Good to get the boring finish work done so you can do the fun organizing part. :-)

    1. Exactly! I am having so much fun with the organizing!

  6. You and my mother seem to both hate finish work - she replaced her floor in 2002... still no baseboards... lol

    1. I hate finish work but not enough to leave it undone 😂 I wouldn't even move into the house until all the trim and stuff was finished, I knew if we moved in and planned to finish it "later" it would never get done 😂😂