Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Two a Days

Yesterday was absolutely, ridiculously gorgeous. 75 and breezy the first week of August, with minimal humidity....WHAT?! So what did I do? I rode!
Cinna was up first at 6:30. She was NOT AMUSED 🤣
I have some new FB friends (I caved and accepted some co-worker friend requests lol) and our teal "outfits" are a big hit so we gotta appease the fans lol. 
Some creature dragged a partially eaten tomato over.... 
She was sassy and we did a LOT of cantering. 
She had some regrets about her life choices by the end haha. 
When DH got home, I conned him into a quick road hack. 
Ruby was so excited to be doing something outside the arena!
Trigger was less enthused, but he's a good egg.
Big scary... Thing
Pretty longhorn!
Moo cow
Ruby got SO EXCITED to see the barn we used to board at... She tried to duck down the driveway lol

Successfully passed dogs, kids on bikes, a few cars, and the horses were rock stars! 
Home again! 
Gratuitous video of Ruby's midday siesta, and then her being SO OFFENDED I woke her up, haha.

It's supposed to stay unseasonably cool so I hope to get a lot of riding done this week! My dumbass left the Pivo on last time I used it so it was dead yesterday, but hopefully I'll get some more footage this week!


  1. I've been doing two a days now too, and I thought I'd hate it, but I kind of love it!
    Glad the weather has been kind to you guys!

    1. It worked when one of the rides was "for real" and one was just kind of mindless hacking. I'll have to try to work up to two "real rides" a day, I'm soooooo lazy lol. It's gorgeous again today, I cannot believe it. I've got all my windows open and had to wear a sweater at my desk this morning!

  2. Both girls look so cute. Poor Cinna - I can't believe you work her up at 6:30 to ride. lol

    1. They're on night turnout for the summer, so they go out in the evenings and don't have to come in until morning, then spend their days snoozing in the stalls... haha. But she was clearly disgruntled that I took her away from her hay and planned nap schedule!

  3. So glad that your beautiful house is done so you can get back to riding your beautiful horses