Tuesday, April 6, 2021


As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I roached manes Sunday afternoon. I don't think they've been done since last May, when I roached the girls at the beginning of the month to prep for that photoshoot. If it were a "normal" year where we were out and about more or god forbid, showing (HAHAHA), I would have done a lot more trimming throughout the year to keep them at an optimum length, but I sort of opted for benign neglect last year and it was fine. But I was finally tired of not having bridle paths and having to look at them, so off the hair went!

Started with Cinna. 

She was upset about Jack calling to her so she had balled up and gotten as tall as possible, so DH was helping, ha. 

Ruby is old hat at this by now.

First DH tried to just cut out the dreadlocks and leave his mane short. 

He ended up looking like a kid with the worst bowl cut imaginable, so off the rest came. 

DH isn't thrilled with the look but I reminded him by next spring it will probably be grown out to the length he was aiming for anyway. It's hair. It grows. Don't sweat it. 

The birds were REALLY HAPPY with the hair scraps I tossed outside for them to build their nests!

You got to see better photos of Ruby and Trigger's new 'dos in yesterday's post, so here is a screenshot of Cinna rocking her roach :) 

Always nice to welcome in a new season with a fresh new look! 


  1. Every year you do this, I consider roaching Mae's mane but I don't think her neck is as nicely muscled as your ladies' necks are!

    1. The cool thing about hair is it grows back, so even if you hate it, it's not permanent ;) Trigger's neck is not nearly as nice as the girls, and he looks relatively awkward with it on the ground, but under saddle it still looks okay! Dunno how that works but I'm not asking questions lol.

  2. I offed Grif's and Q's a few weeks ago. There is nothing more motivating to get me riding and working them than seeing how superiorly hideous their necks are rn being both roached and out of effin' shape. 😂😂

  3. Bzzzz Bzzzz.
    I need to zip Annie's off too but I want a grab strap before I do that LOL

    1. Haha I have a strap on my saddle so the hair can gooooooo 🤣

  4. but... what do you hold on to when they spook?!