Wednesday, April 7, 2021

WW: Spring Things (Plant Edition)

Oh good, we're back to inserting photos out of order again. Godammit blogger, we were on a roll! Anyway, enjoy some photos of the landscaping projects we worked on over the weekend!

Horses are starting their annual time out on the grass, beginning with an hour and working their way up to full overnight turnout. 

The gate for the backyard finally came in so we got that installed. 

If the fence wasn't blocking them I feel like this could be their noodle album cover, lol. 

DH got to take his fancy new mower for a spin! He is literally obsessed. It's hysterical. I'm equally as excited because now I don't have to mow grass, so win-win. 

He built me a little brick raised bed in front of the barn. I planted stargazer and calla lily bulbs, and I am going to get a trellis for some climbing flowering vines I grew from seeds this year (cardinal vine and hyacinth bean vine). 

Got all three of my hanging baskets up on the porch (inchplants on the outside one, calibrachoa in the center) and then my plant stand has bleeding heart, snapdragons, pansies, and more calibrachoa). 

The brick beds along the walkway have hostas and day lilies in them. 

My orchids are blooming like crazy too!

Four of them are in full bloom, and one that I bought in bloom last summer has a new spike with buds developing!

This cherry tree is the only one of.... 6? 7? trees that we planted last year that survived..... soo.... that sucks. Also, DH is VERY INVESTED in keeping it alive and hung deer off on it like a christmas tree, haha. 

but its blooming!

Salvia in the pot by the garage, because the hummingbirds LOVED it last year. 

And I dug another tub out of one of our sheds for these columbines. 

DH and the neighbor collaborated to rip out the barbed wire fence on the property line and replace it with 13 arborvitae. Fingers crossed they grow big and strong for a nice privacy barrier :) 

I didn't take an updated photo, but we ended up having to cover the edges of that mulch with old pavers from the driveway to the trailer so the MFing chickens would stop throwing the mulch everywhere. I hate chickens. 

One of my inchplants from inside. It was V V HAPPY indoors, I hope it is equally happy outside, because it was taking up too much space lol. 

Another one from inside -- not quite as prolific as the other one but hopefully it catches up. 

This planter got more calibrachoa and lobelia again, since that did so well last year. But I learned my lesson and planted far less of them, since they spread and spill haha. 

Added some hyacinth to my tulips down in the flag flower bed. They smell so good!

We had a bee friend too, haha. 

It's so funny to me because the first 10 years we were here I didn't really care about planting anything, and now it consumes a not-insignificant part of my spring! But that's okay, the difference is really night and day and I LOVE how our place is looking <3 


  1. Oohh I have never heard someone call it an inch plant before! I just call it by its Genus, tradescantia lol!

    1. I find inchplant much easier to say 😂😂😂 and I won't use the colloquial term, and keep having to have arguments with my mother about how racist it is... sigh. So every time I call it an inchplant we have to have that discussion all over again. Boomers 🙄

  2. Ugh. Yeah. I have never liked the other name either. See if she'll call it wandering dude instead?

    1. I think the last time we argued about it I finally sent her an extensive link detailing WHY the term she was using was so bad, so I *think* she is now at least trying to remember to call it an inchplant. But then this weekend when we were picking up those arborvitae to plant the freakin' store had tags on them using the inappropriate name and I just sighed and shook my head for all of humanity :( like how can you hear that phrase and not cringe?

  3. Replies
    1. Definitely an improvement over the landscaping timber situation we had going on last year, lol.

  4. Those orchids are stunning. Wow.

    1. I love my orchids so much <3 it's a real struggle to not buy more every time I see them for sale, but I'm running out of window room lol.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! We were frantically covering everything last night since today's forecast is calling for 3-5 inches of snow, sigh...