Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Wet Weekend

After an awesome (but tiring!) lesson Friday, I was super stoked to ride all weekend! And then..... It rained. A lot. Womp womp. We needed the rain, so I wasn't complaining, but I was a little disappointed to not be working on my lesson homework. And then Saturday afternoon the rain briefly cleared! 

#ROOTD on point yo

Love these new color block tights from Dover - I ordered them while I was in FL, and then the NEXT DAY they went on sale even cheaper, so I emailed Dover and they refunded me the difference. Point to Dover! 

DH is helping me desensitize Ruby by splitting and moving firewood on all sides of the arena while I ride 不

Saturday I also housesat for my mom and drooooooled over her plumeria. Le sigh. 

Naughty little red beggar.

不 Fall is coming

Dog bed. I might need it for the noodles. 

Sunday originally my plan was to haul out for some trail miles but the radar looked terrible in basically every direction, so I bailed and spent the day with DH instead. No worries, this weekend I have a three day weekend and the weather looks way better! For 2/3 days anyway 不 


  1. Rain is annoying. It was well timed here as it rained all day yesterday which was the horses' day off anyway. Hope it clears and you can get some good rides in! That dog bed is adorable, goes with your papasan in the Taj Mateal!

    1. I should get it and recover the cushion with teal fabric and let Cici hang out with me in the Taj mahTeal 不不

  2. We got a huge storm too, winter is really wanting to show up early lol

    1. I'm not ready for winter but I'd take fall right about now... It's supposed to be 90 here again this weekend 打