Friday, November 12, 2021

Riding Photo Dump

I am woefully behind on recapping the rides lately, but it's probably gonna stay that way, lol. My Equisense randomly quit connecting to the app the week of the show (I first noticed it the Thursday when I tried to turn it on for my lesson but didn't have time to troubleshoot it), so I haven't been able to track any ride notes since then. I have been in communication with the company and they assure me they're fixing the bug and it'll work again soon, but in the meantime, I'm fairly annoyed. I had no idea how much I relied on that to keep myself relatively on track in terms of how long the rides were and spending on equal amount of time on both reins, and then making notes about the ride! I'm back to using Equilab to track the length of time anyway, but it's an absolute joke at everything else after having the Equisense. At any rate, aside from a brief break for weather (and sanity!) after the show, the weather has been decent and I have been riding pretty much every night. I'm alternating both horses again and working to get Cinna a little fitter. She had some time off after her choke, and then when push came to shove when I started lessons again, I almost always picked Ruby because I was so worried about making progress between lessons, but now that I feel pretty comfortable on that front, I'm adding Cinna back into the rotation more. 

Had some shadowboxes sitting around for a Taj MahTeal project I never got around to doing, so I threw together something for my office. I don't have a TON of horse stuff there, but that's my ribbon from Sunday in the better class and I'm pretty proud of it <3

Started using my lights the week before the time change, thinking how horrible the light was after work. JOKES ON ME ITS WORSE NOW. 

Back when you could actually see me and the horse in the mirror lol. It was a rainbow glitter and spikes sort of day!

Lowkey love these paisley breeches, they're so subtle from far away and so fun up close!

A boots and bands sort of night. 

Also lowkey obsessed with these booooooots. Sort of realizing my collection of tall boots is ridiculous as well, I have these deniros, my Petries, my old show boots (tuffriders maybe?), two pairs of mountain horse boots, plus two pairs with broken zippers in my closet (ariats and... some other random off brand. dublins maybe?). I have a problem.... lol. 

She worked pretty well in the new frankenbridle (I adjusted the noseband more after this I think, it's been so long I can't remember). 

Not much point in riding in cute matchy outfits anymore since you can't SEE THEM ANYWAY. I hate winter. Sob. 

Also managed to frankenbridle Ruby into it, since I was curious what she'd think about the nathe. She went super well in it this evening, and well enough the next time I rode her, but she got a little divey in the trot, so I think I'll go back to her usual bridle for our rides at home and maybe bring this to the barn next time I have a lesson and see what trainer thinks. 

Put Cinna back in Otto earlier this week. 

Now that Cinna is back in work we are struggling through some issues - she seems to have REALLY regressed in the contact and just in general willingness to accept any sort of direction, and I'm trying to figure out if it's fitness related (in which case hopefully it resolves with time) or if it's some sort of tack/discomfort-related... on that note, I am gradually swapping out pieces one at a time to see if rides get any better. There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason, sometimes she'll start off fine and devolve into an angry, tense, Iberian sewing machine, sometimes she starts off that way but then gets very loose and swingy and fun by the end of the ride? Those are the things that make me think its fitness related and that we'll just eventually work through it, but I'm still tinkering with the tack set up gradually to see. I think at least once over this winter I'd like to take her up to trainers instead of Ruby, see what she thinks. I have told her many unflattering things about Cinna and how poorly we work together so it should be a fun adventure, lol. I shouldn't be so down on her but gosh compared to Ruby it's just night and day, and since I'm the one who raised them both, I can really only chalk it up to genetics and personality. 

Apparently the only photo I took of Ruby on Wednesday's ride, lol. 

Cleaned my poor old abused fauxbarrys up for a family photoshoot this weekend. 

Not bad for 4.5 year old cheap ass boots that I have abused the piss out of it, lol. 

Yesterday being a holiday, and the weather being randomly very nice (after it being forecasted to be garbage most of the prior week) meant we got a lot of things done around the farm, and BONUS, trail ride!


  1. Ugghhhh the time change!!! Awesome you guys have lights up in your arena though.

    1. Yeah we only had the arena about a year before I realized the lights would have to happen if I wanted to ride at all between November and March!

  2. I'm not sure if it helps (misery loves company right?), but your description of Cinna matches Shiny very well. I switched her to a leather bit, and she significantly improved in the contact, though nothing is a magic cure. Some days she's still all over the place and can get tense and bull dozer-y other days she's light as can be and willing to do whatever I ask. I think some mares are just like that. With age and fitness even the bad days are better than they were. So I'm guessing just plugging along doing what you do will bring improvement. I bet it would be pretty helpful to get your trainers input though!
    And regarding the boots, if you want me to send you photos of my boot closet to easy your concerns, I can certainly do that.... Lol! Nice collection btw, but you still don't have any teal boots!

    1. I mean it's helpful to know she's not the only mare like that I guess, lol. But I'm not even going to try a leather bit because it's not dressage legal, and I don't want to torture myself by finding something she goes really well in that I can't use for showing! ha. So yes, we'll just keep plugging away. I guess my boot collection is pretty puny next to yours, LOL. I'll just have to whip out your post next time my husband comments on how many pairs of boots I have!

  3. I always love your riding media, but I am particularly jealous of your mirrors.

    1. Just find somebody renovating a house with mirrored closet doors! 😂 I need to mount the other one that's still in my barn 🙈