Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Tack Sale Shenanigans

Over the weekend, I went to a tack sale at a local farm - this was the second annual event, but it doesn't look like I wrote about it last year. Ah well. Last year I took some stuff I had lying around and made it a game of only spending money I made off the tack I sold that day, so I ended up about breaking even - that's where I picked up Trigger's hoof boots, and I think I got a fly veil and a few pairs of breeches. Nothing extravagant, but it was fun (particularly since last year we'd all been cooped up so much because of Covid, so this outdoor event with lots of social distancing was a great chance to see everyone!). This year, I made sure to mark my calendar as soon as it was announced - I didn't NEED anything, but I figured it would be a fun, low-stress way to catch up with everyone! As I left the house in the morning, DH called after me "don't spend any money, you don't need anything" -- famous last words lol. 

I did a walk through when I got there and didn't see anything I NEEDED, but I definitely spotted some things I WANTED. 

Teal ring bag, big enough for boots, helmet, all those miscellaneous things you need to carry! I think it'll be super handy for packing for lessons :) 

Possibly the most interesting bridle I've ever seen? 

Anyone familiar with a noseband where the bit sort of attaches to what you'd expect is a flash but definitely isn't? lol


That table was someone unloading like 20 years worth of pony club stuff, and I did pick up three pairs of black reins super cheap - since Cinna has broken more than one pair, it's always nice to have spares! I had money in my venmo account so I didn't "spend" anything, and was feeling pretty good. Then I spotted that teal ring back, and actually had to *gasp* spend money... and it was all downhill from there, lol. I got talked into trying on a ROMFH show shirt, and it fit so well that clearly I had to buy that too. Then I found two pairs of full seat tights with belt loops, and the seller was willing to make a deal for both. Had been considering adding magnesium to Ruby's diet, and there were two unopened bags of MAGrestore, so those came home with me too, sigh. Biggest impulse purchase of the day was definitely a cob-sized PS of Sweden Paladin noseband on a headstall - I figured it might fit Cinna, and if not, I could easily resell it for what I paid. Someone gave me a wheelbarrow water carrier (thought it might be good for shows?) and at that point I had to cut myself off, lol. I did expend considerable effort helping friends sell their things, because that was fun for me!

The spoils, haha. 

A pony club family did not want to pack up all these books and DVDs to take home, so they gave them to me. I felt bad about just taking them, so I took the girls back to my truck (which still had a bag of stuff from LAST YEAR'S SALE jesus) and let them pick out anything they wanted from there. Pretty much all I have left are some shitty old martingales and a neck sweat that I can probably now throw away with no guilt lol. 

Put it on with the original headstall and it was COMICALLY too small. Which is weird because the Eponia cob size is like... comically too big? WHAT IS COB SIZE EVEN. 

I managed to swap the headstall out and at least get the original noseband closed, but this was NOT the correct adjustment. 

So I frankenbridled something together between the PS, my Eponia, and some other stuff (times where being a tack ho is very helpful lol). 

So the moral of the story is, I spent entirely too much money, but boy did I have a fun day!
Double bonus, I adjusted it to fit Ruby and she was ballllllller in it 予


  1. Oh man! I would be so tempted. I think it is probably good that I board and have a 900 sq ft house so I am pretty limited by how much I can accumulate!!!

    1. I definitely got worse after DH built me an entire shed to store my tack 不

  2. Oh my god I feel the pain, I'm so easily talked into things, or easily rationalize purchases. It looks like you had a good haul though!

    1. My friends know I'm an easy mark when it comes to that 不

  3. I cannot wrap my brain around that bridle. It makes no sense to me. the bag had to be purchased and finding a schooling shirt for a good price, well,, who could resist? NO ONE, that's who.

  4. I mean, I don't think you went overboard or anything. All good picks! That ring bag was obviously there just for you, so how could you NOT get it?
    And that weird bridle makes zero sense to me... like why would you hang the bit from the front of the noseband? Maybe it was for a toy? Like a rocking horse or something?

    1. The ring bag is already packed for my next lesson 不不不 I got a message about that noseband and apparently it's possibly designed to be used with a bridle with cheekpieces that also attach and the noseband sort of stabilizes things like bit clips on the micklem? Dunno! I should have bought it just for funsies 不