Wednesday, October 19, 2022

WW: More Horse Trailer Conversion Progress

I forget how busy life on a farm keeps you until I have a project I'm excited about that just draaaaags on 🤣 incremental progress in the trailer over the weekend!

Cut furring strips. Rinse. Repeat. Forever.

The part that scared me - screwing them in 😬

Drilling a hole through the bulkhead to run wiring

A little wiring run, ceiling and gooseneck furring strips up, so just some more on the short wall, the slant wall, and the door wall (which is so short it'll probably just take scraps lol)

Buuuut we ran out of screws so this is where we quit for the weekend. 


  1. I can't imagine how this must be dragging for you because I am completely unconnected to this project and yet cannot wait to see the next steps!

    1. Haha I am really hoping we make BIG progress this weekend! All the little piddly stuff takes FOREVER but once we start paneling I'm hoping it will look a lot further along and help sooth my chaos brain lol.