Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Horse Trailer Conversion - Ceiling!

DH cussed me the whole weekend, but we did get most of the ceiling up! Of course, I'm three tiles short so we're waiting for those to come in - until they make it in, we can't start the paneling, blergh. But we also got some wiring in so the weekend wasn't a waste! 

I hung a chandelier in my tack shed, you knew I was gonna do some bougie bitch shit in here lol. 

So everyone in the horse trailer conversion group I follow said they put these up with staples - we started with that but kept shattering tiles 🫣 so, the first two look like garbage but I'm the only one who will see them. 

A combination of adhesive and a hand stapler seemed to do the trick, although we did put holes in a few more. Le sigh. But oh well. It doesn't have to be perfect, I'm the only who one who is gonna be sleeping in there anyway lol. 

I spent some time crashed out on the gooseneck floor looking out the windows 

Beautiful fall weekend. 

We also built a hay dolly lol. So I can move 800+ lb bales around alone. 

Lights installed. 

And a light switch! 


  1. Soooo... Will there be a chandelier in the trailer?
    Ceiling looks awesome!

  2. So I read this and was surprised and totally not surprised at the same time. It’s just so you.

  3. Amazing! I love it. The hay dolly is genius too.

    1. Normally we put up 600+ small square bales, but between my ankle and his back surgery, it just wasn't happening this year. Thankfully we found a good supplier for these big square bales (both grass and alfalfa) but it's been a bit of a learning curve to use them daily lol. I did big bales of alf last year but I feed so much less of that it was worth the hassle. But now that I'm feeding it out inside every day I needed an easier way to handle it! I can push one of these around by myself reasonably well with this dolly, thankfully!

  4. This looks great. I know it’s an old thread but I’ve got a question. How did you attach the long thin wooden strips to the ribs of the ceiling?

    1. Self tapping screws designed for aluminum into the braces, I'm pretty sure. Memory is slightly fuzzy at this point 🤣