Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Horse Trailer Conversion: Getting There

We made some serious headway on the trailer last weekend! Would have gotten even further except Sunday it rained all day so we couldn't go pick up the additional three panels we needed 😭

The last 3 ceiling tiles came in last Thursday so I popped up to the store to pick them up. 

Blocking for cabinets 

Man this ceiling is worth every minute of DH cussing me over the course of two weekends 🤣🤣🤣

Cutting the vent for the a/c 😬😬😬 DH smoked his grinder and had to go through like four other saws lol. 

First panel went up in like 3 minutes. 

Cardboard tracing before we cut the next panel lol

Second panel took.... Significantly longer 🥴 but we persevered. 

The short wall - you won't see any of this behind all the appliances but eh. 

The corner I need to figure out a sink situation for. That's the next hurdle after we get the appliances installed. 

Sunday since the rain ruined our plans, I played hooky and went to photograph an obstacle clinic, and DH got bored and got the electric finished up - panel installed, three outlets, and my lights work! 


The electric box ended up being a smidge too low and we had to move it up a hair - but the fridge and microwave fit, so fingers crossed we can cram the a/c unit up top on the custom shelving unit DH is planning to build 🤞


  1. Replies
    1. Definitely starting to be able to envision the final product!

  2. I am reading here that we can go to horse shows and camp.

    1. Um duh, if you don't mind squeezing in with me on a full size mattress because a queen wouldn't fit 🤣🤣

  3. DH sounds amazing! Got bored and finished the electric lol. What a way to kill time.

    1. He jumps headfirst into projects when he's bored, which is occasionally a useful quality 🤣

  4. This is so exciting! Lights! And appliances! And the CEILING!

  5. Suggestion -- make a custom fit sink! Use a piece of foam to find the exact shape of sink you would like, sand and chisel to shape it to the dimensions and beauty desired, then cast it in concrete or resin. Should be right up DH's alley, yeah?

  6. That's an idea! I already talked to him about having the prison custom build me a butcher block countertop to to around a farmhouse style sink I've been eyeballing on Amazon lol