Monday, November 7, 2022

Clip Job

Last year, for the first time ever, I did a partial clip job on Ruby to keep her less sweaty riding all winter. I impulsively did it mid-November, and it actually worked out perfectly that by our first show of the season in April, it was grown out enough that it was barely noticeable in photos. And I got plenty of media all winter of my lessons and it didn't annoy me as much as I was afraid it would lol (plus duh, made it so much easier to cool her out after lessons!). Last week on the trail ride (where it was 78 and sunny and the horses who were growing winter coats worked up a sweat), we started talking about clipping. By the time I got home, I had talked myself into bathing and clipping Ruby again while I had good weather. She'll have the end of November/beginning of December off (I am having minor surgery and will be out of the saddle for a few weeks), but I figured this will help me get motivated to jump back into the saddle in December. TrainerB gave me the heads up they're moving horses into her new barn at the end of November (YAY SO EXCITED) so I can hopefully resume lessons in December, and if my horse is less of a feral hairy yak beast maybe that will make me more motivated lol. 

Last week after the trail ride when I first starting musing on clipping her again. 

I only bathed the front half and then I parked her in front of a fan to dry faster. She was unamused. 

Teal duct tape this time ;) 

I did take more off her neck this go around. 

First she had to go trail ride all day then she had to let me clip her, WORST DAY EVER poor abused Ruby. 

No one is surprised I continue to be bad at this. DH came out and saw her towards the end and commented she had more track marks than a junkie hahahaha. 

Oh well. She won't be out in public for a while anyway, and by then it will be more presentable. In the meantime, she's enjoyed the unseasonable warm weather last week (mid to high 70s several days in a row) much more without a winter coat up front!


  1. Good news is the lines will be gone in 2 weeks so you're good there! I always get lines with L, but thats because usually we can't bathe so its less a user issue, or even a dirty or dull blade issue, it's a dirty horse issue lol.

    1. Yeah it hasn't even been a week and it already looks better, thankfully!

      Maybe you should try the leaf blower trick on L, it does really seem to get the dust off them hahahaha

  2. I always remind myself the difference between a bad clip job and a good clip job is about two weeks. I'm shit at clipping too. But so far the horses have all survived the embarrassment. If it helps, Ruby looks just fine in the photos!

    1. I need to learn how to blend into her face better, that's really the most atrocious part once the lines smooth out haha

  3. I am so loathe to clip, but it's freaking 75 degrees halfway through November and Lucy has a coat like a woolly mammoth. This may be the year we just do it...