Friday, May 1, 2020

Friday Five (Again)

Well, for lack of anything better to talk about, here are five things that have made me happy this week! Mostly photos, enjoy!

1. Being able to enjoy the beautiful weather from my porch. We changed around the patio furniture and it's WAY better for enjoying our coffee on the weekends, having a drink after work, and my personal favorite -- eating my lunch while watching the horses graze. Secondary benefit, our house is positioned pretty well to enjoy both sunrises and sunsets from the porches!
With my leftovers yesterday

2. Working from home lets me watch my horses interact even more (since I can see them out my windows from my desk.
Sun bathing in the dry lots one morning before turnout on the pastures
These two groom each other INCESSANTLY, it's too cute. 

3. My dogs are still absolutely living their best lives with me home all the time.
Judging me while I'm trying to do yoga
Sometimes he curls in the tiniest little ball. 

On sunny days, he will lay outside ALL DAY and only come in if I physically drag him in. He loves to toast. 
Bonus photo of my mom's dog, who stays with us sometimes. 
4. Always with the memes. My phone is like 1/3 photos of my pets, 1/3 screenshots, and 1/3 memes... haha.

5. Even though the tack room renovation is kind of stalled out (THANKS MENARDS), I am starting to toy around with collecting and creating some finishing touches. I've got matting and frames on the way for an "art project", I bought some shadowboxes so I can finally do something with my boxes of ribbons, I bought a cushion for my double papasan frame, and... cross your fingers... I entered a contest for a "bond session" with a photographer whose work I'm a big fan of...
I LOVE the Charlie Mackesy work. I was so excited when he started offering prints, but they are RIDICULOUSLY FUCKING EXPENSIVE. So I bought two of his books, and I'm going to cut one of them up and frame my favorite pages. They'll be small, but that's okay :)
I actually ended up ordering different matting in a slightly darker shade, but I'll use this for something. God knows I have about 8912382374 photos that I could frame and do things with. 

I have been looking for a new cushion for my frame for AGES. I had been watching this one on Amazon for a few months, and then when I was ready to order it with all the organizational stuff a few weeks ago, it was out of stock. Luckily last night when I checked again, it was back! 
What's making you happy this week? I guess I didn't mention it but I'm also pretty stoked that our stay at home order expires over the weekend! Baby steps towards normalcy....


  1. Ah yes the victorian meme, my husband said "You are definitely Fannie but honestly you have a bit of all of them in you."


  2. My dad and first stepmom had a papason couch and two sizes of mamason chairs for their living room set for a brief time. Those things are SO comfortable. Best place to curl up with a book.

    1. This one has been with me since my college dorm (and I got it used so God knows how old it is lol) and I used to LOVE curling up in it. The original cushion got ruined, but that's okay, good excuse to replace it with a better color 😆 I am planning on keeping my equine library out there, so I wanted to make it a comfortable place to hang out!!

  3. Your views are amazing. I am sure the dogs are loving life - I'm hoping that after this is over, our company is more relaxed re working from home

    1. I really think WFH is going to become more the norm for a lot of companies, I've been reading a ton of articles about it. Especially because they don't anticipate having a vaccine for this for a while. I'm not sure the state will follow suit, but I can hope, right? :)