Thursday, September 10, 2020

LDW 2020

I've got good news and I've got bad news -- I'll drop the bad news first, womp womp. The tractor, which was dry as a bone with no leaks when DH inspected it at the dealership prior to purchase, definitely sprang a minimum of SIX concerning leaks after his day of light use on Saturday after they dropped it off. Thankfully, we parked it on concrete and were able to catch them quickly, so he called the dealership first thing on Tuesday morning before they even cashed the check. Despite assuring him at the time of purchase that they would work with us if there were any issues, they were uninterested in fixing the leaks or giving us enough of a refund to have it done ourselves... so the tractor is going back to them (to be run through an auction), and my check is coming back to me... DH is very sad, he LOVED that tractor for the several hours he ran it over the weekend. I guess the good news is he did get the round bales stacked and the manure pile tidied up before the issues became apparent. Back to the classified ads for him!

Like a kid on Christmas!

I'm not giving them their hats/drink coozie back though... Just sayin'

Might have some trouble getting those back down if we don't replace the tractor soon though... yikes!

Old trusty 8N dragging the arena later that day. He said it felt like a toy after driving the big one!

The good news is that we put up another few hundred bales of hay over the last few weeks, and have our alfalfa for Jack on reserve, just waiting to go pick it up :) always nice to be comfortably set on hay heading into the cooler days of fall. Especially since fall temps have made an appearance this week! 

The hay guy showed up around the time the tractor was being unloaded -- it was Grand Central Station at our place for a little while. But another 115 beautiful bales of brome put up in the barn before noon!

We also got to have a fun riding excursion over LDW. My mom came over Sunday and we hauled out to the Katy Trail. It's not the most exciting trail in the world, but since my mom was riding Jack, we didn't want to do anything strenuous. Upon checking over the trailer before leaving, we discovered that one of the bearings needed to be replaced (why is it always something?), so we ended up borrowing my neighbor's trailer instead (thank God for him, right?). It was a low key ride and the horses has a good time (minus the time we got passed by some recumbent bicycles and Ruby was SO SURE they were going to murder us all haha). 

Someday I'll actually get to ... drive them together. With horses on board. 

His tongue. I die. 

Monday we thought we would be picking up the alf, but that got delayed a little, so we headed out for what might be the last weekend on the river! Since it was going to be a short trip and we hoped for a relatively empty sandbar, we took Cici along. She is getting practice at being a good "river dog" :)

I see you have a hot dog. I too, am a hot dog. Plz share?

Her favorite parts were running around on the sandbar like a lunatic and begging for hot dogs (but turning her nose up at chips and pretzels -- so spoiled!). Her least favorite part was the small child who insisted on petting her and then smearing sand all over her (even though both his mother and I told him to stop). I feel ya Cici, children are also my least favorite part of the sandbar. 

She slept so hard that night!

What a lovely weekend full of so many of my favorite things! Annnnnd then back to the grind Tuesday. Womp womp. At least the weather has turned lovely and fall-like -- I spent Tuesday evening sitting on my porch reading a good book listening to the rain. It was lovely. I think the sunrise is finally late enough that I can use my Pivo in the mornings, so maybe I'll try that out this week!


  1. Boo to tractor leaks and dumb children. YAY to all that hay and Jack's cute blep tongue.

    1. That's pretty much it in a nutshell! Haha. I AM disappointed about the tractor tho, it was SO PERFECT... blergh.

  2. Sucks the tractor is leaking but hey at least you got some work done for free ;) the bright side right?

    1. Free work and some free hats out of the deal! haha. So yes, definitely could have been worse ;)

  3. Bummer about the tractor. And extra bummer that they didn't seem interested in working with you guys!
    BUT it looks like Cici had the best time ever at the sandbar!

    1. Yeah it was kind of bizarre, but whatever. Won't shop there again 🤷‍♀️

      But yes, she had SO MUCH fun!

  4. Too bad about the tractor. Thst is really disappointing. But at least the work was done.

    1. It was a little frustrating, but we found another tractor yesterday, so all is right in DH's world again 😆