Monday, September 21, 2020

Tack Shed Renovation: Hanging Artwork

I know, how much longer could I possibly drag this out? Not much further, I don't think, as I am basically out of wall space to hang things haha. Had a few extra minutes last night so we went ahead and hung up the last of my bridle hooks, the harness hook I use for my surcingle, and some of my Charlie Mackesy artwork.

This is up over the papasan chair at the moment, so not super accessible, but eventually it will be once I get the piano out of there lol. 


I hung my Spanish/show halters on the left, and then my nice leather halters for special occasions on the right.

I love these smaller ones over my bridle rack -- these were some of my favorite drawings. 

Every time I ride I need to grab something from that rack, and I'll look at these and smile.

It's hard to get a good photograph (because of how much light comes in through the french doors) but I hung 8 of the bigger ones over the doors. 

I got probably 2/3 of the artwork hung up -- I still have a handful of frames, but not really a good place to put them yet! Hopefully eventually when the piano and buffet are out of that back corner, I'll be able to utilize that space haha. So for now, we'll go ahead and call things "done-ish". 

It still makes me so happy just to walk through the doors, and to finish a good ride and then go tidy everything away into it's proper place. It was a long time to wait to have a nice tack room, but so worth it!


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    1. I actually filmed like four one weekend and then hated my voice in all of them hahaha. I guess I could do a silent one and just spin around slowly ;)

  2. Looks great! I've loved the Taj Ma-teal series!

    1. It was fun not only to do, but to document for the blog! Although I guess I need to get on getting some sort of video tour made lol.