Thursday, September 17, 2020

EOTRH Round 2: Follow Up

Okay yeah this is really late, his follow up was a while ago haha. His second round of extractions last month took place on my busiest day of the year at work, and then after I scheduled the one week follow up the vet office called back to move it (and I had about 4 other appointments that same week, so things got away from me). At any rate, everything looked as it should, and the vet was pleased with how the holes were healing up. She brought a fresh group of students with her that day, and showed them the healed over upper gums from the first round of extractions

Ruby was super interested in the goings-on in the aisleway

He wasn't fully feeling the sedative yet, haha. 

Yeah I know the halter is in his eyeball. It's a little too big, he's got a new one coming. 

Mmmm teef holes

Sleeping off his sedative in the aisle after they left

He's a cheap date!

She told me to keep flushing them for another week, and keep an eye out for any issues, but other than that, we should be good to go until his next dental in the spring of 2021! He's eating well, still putting away decent amounts of his fancy alfalfa every day. We should be picking up this winter's worth sometime this weekend -- spoiled horse! I'm still hoping to pack a few more pounds on him before the temps drop in earnest, but we'll see. It will probably help when we drop round bales and switch them back to dry lot turnout during the day, which I'm hoping will be this weekend (if the new bale spikes coming today fit the tractor like they should, fingers crossed!). 

I'll never get tired of tongue photos though, which is good, since it's probably permanent at this point haha. 

Love this old man!