Friday, September 4, 2020

Friday Fun: Tractor Edition

Apparently, I bought a tractor yesterday 🤔 at least, according to DH? 

I got this photo while on a very important work call with my boss.

So. Apparently now we have a tractor approximately the age of my younger brother 🤣 it's a pretty significant upgrade over the current 1940s John Deere (although we're keeping that one for arena raking/brushhogging). The "new" Massey Ferguson will be for moving round bales, spreading gravel, blading the driveway, loading the manure spreader, and all those other little miscellaneous farm chores that it's nice to have a midsize tractor for. 

I won't miss trying to push round bales into the dry lots by hand, or sinking the diesel up to its axles in mud 🤣 it gets delivered next week (they're custom building a bale spike for it's specific configuration) and I'm sure DH will immediately begin new projects. So.... Stay tuned? 


  1. Replies
    1. The purchase and maintenance costs are less fun, but they are suuuuuuper handy to have when you live on a small farm! 😁

  2. Ooh a new tractor!! Congratulations. I wish I had a bigger one and had a spike for round bales.

    1. Well... I jinxed it apparently :( over the weekend the tractor sprung several very large and concerning leaks, and the dealership isn't willing to make it right, so they get their tractor back and I get my money back and we start the search all over again *sigh*

      At least he did get some round bales moved and the manure pile pushed back up while we had it this weekend...