Wednesday, September 15, 2021

On Wednesdays We Wear Glitter

I don't know why, but short weeks always feel so much longer than "regular" weeks! Last week was no exception. Work totally kicked my ass a few days, so I didn't ride as much as I wanted. And then Friday night we had to pick up another 75 bales of hay, which killed the plans I had to ride. But at least Wednesday we had a good ride! 

Wearing glitter, naturally. 

These clearance Smartpak breeches are quickly turning into my favorites!

We warmed up with the reins dropped on her neck, just letting her stretch and choose the pace a bit at the walk and trot. Sometimes it's good to remind myself that she can and will change directions, gait, and tempo based just on my seat, no reins involved. Even if she forgot that entirely by the time we had our next lesson, haha. It was a good ride - I mostly focused on the walk and trot, because I wasn't sure I felt equipped to deal with freight train Ruby at the canter, but we did end with a few circles each way, and they were pleasant, if not as adjustable as I wanted them. 

Fall is coming...... 

Sunrise walking into work one day last week. 

Sunset last Friday night picking up a trailer of hay. 

175 bales put up between the first Saturday in September and last Friday. It's not as much as we need, but it's a good start! Another 70 bales up Monday actually, I should get an updated photo. 

There, now with tomorrow's lesson recap, I'm reasonably caught up! I don't have my normal amount of lesson media tomorrow (no DH photos), but I do have VIDEO! Yay!


  1. Glad you got one good ride in at least! Looks like you're in good shape with hay so far for the winter, which is always a nice feeling.

    1. It is! We have another 100 bales coming this weekend and then I think we'll be done for the fall 🤞 well, I still need some alfalfa for the old men!

  2. I totally agree with you - something about a short week really stretches on in the minds eye. I really like that saddle pad!