Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Long Weekend: Good Food and Water Time

After we got home from the lesson, we got down to the serious business -- eating good food and lots of drinking, lol. We took them out to our favorite restaurant in Columbia and ate so much someone should have rolled me back to the car lol. 

The next morning, we ended up having 100 bales of hay delivered, but getting it unloaded before 10 am meant we were able to keep the sweating to a minimum, lol. And then it was river day!

Jack is looking... the way he looks, sigh. Not terrible, not great. Just sort of maintaining. 

My friend was having some pain issues, so she ended up couching it with the noodles all day but we dragged her boyfriend and my mom down to the sandbar. 

The water was pretty low, SO MUCH of the sandbar was out! Which made it easy to beach up and not get too close to anyone else. 

This guy was riding a piece of driftwood down the river lol.

Making his exit, hah.

We grilled out for lunch!

For dinner, we went to the local Mexican place (nostalgia for my friend, since she went to college here too lol). Margarita towers were on point. 

They had to head out on Monday to make the drive home, so after we saw them off, I did saddle up for a quick ride. DH dragged the arena while I was tacking up. 

I was hoping for a laid back ride, but Ruby was SPICY and we both worked up a sweat. 

But that's okay, it got me to my daily steps before we hit the road to go to the lake!

We went to the local marina for lunch and I was perusing their library. I'm 100% sure this is an "adult book", but okay, hahahaha. The service was wretched and the food was not worth the hour wait, but at least we checked it out so now we know. Bring our own lunches, check. 

They did have a little area you could feed these ENORMOUS FUCKING FISH. 

My mom and DH went swimming to shore in the little cove we anchored in. Why? IDK, they're nuts. I laid in the boat and got sun and read my kindle, lol. 

Knowing we had to go back to work Tuesday, we didn't stay out too long, but it was a nice chill way to end the weekend!


  1. Our goal is to get out on the lake this weekend! Jealous of your huge sandbar - that looks like such a cool hangout spot

    1. It is, when it's not underwater! Haha. I hope you have a good time on the lake this weekend!

  2. Is DH in a cast? Hope he's okay! (Seems like he is anyway!)
    Sounds like so much fun with the right mix of working and relaxing!

    1. Oh gosh yes, that's a sore subject. He was involved in a car crash (hit by an impaired driver) back in May and broke a bone in his wrist. His original doctor started him in a brace, but it still wasn't healing, so they put him in a cast 🤬 horribly inconvenient since we're trying to put hay up right now!

  3. All of that food looks incredible...

    1. It was sooooo good, we absolutely stuffed ourselves 🤤