Friday, September 24, 2021

Canter Progress

I got up the day after the lesson determined to work on the canter departs some more (and just overall work on schooling at home without her losing her marbles and turning in to freight train Ruby), and was successful at both! I easily replicated all of the feelings I was getting in the lesson (which is sometimes a struggle), and all of the departs were great! Because she was so good I didn't ride long, and quit on a high note. Then we spent the rest of the day on the lake, since it looked like the last weekend of summer temps for our area (well, it's supposed to get hot again this weekend but we're in Florida). 

I was thrilled. Ruby was not 🤣

I didn't get much riding some this week because of some other stuff - my mom fell at work and got a concussion, so she came to stay a few days just to be safe. Plus we were trying to wrap up all our prep before we headed to the airport yesterday. But Wednesday night the weather was so perfect I couldn't resist the opportunity to procrastinate on my packing a bit by heading out for a ride!

This was what pushed me over the edge, how could I walk by that when it was 70 degrees and NOT want to put hoofprints on it lol. 

I still love that Brockamp pad, it's amazing. I did a few loops of sitting trot and a few canter departs and Ruby was so perfect I quit after 15 minutes and we just wandered around the yard. It was just what I needed after a rough day at work and before a week where I won't get to ride at all, womp womp. It actually worked out fine though, I was preemptively annoyed at having to miss a weekend of lessons while we're in Florida but new trainer and her barn are at Regionals anyway, so it's the perfect weekend to be gone 🤣

It'll be quiet next week (unless I can find any horse people I know near Spring Hill, Florida, and can get myself to a barn for a day lol), but I'm excited the weather finally appears to be cooling off and hopefully we'll have lots of nice weather this fall for riding!


  1. If you can swing the hour and a half drive to Ocala while you are in Florida it is a must see
    Let me know if you come this way and I would be happy to play hostess for a day.

    1. We're staying with some friends and don't have our own vehicle 😭😭 dang it!

  2. Oh no! I hope your mom will be OK and feels better soon!

    1. She seems like she's doing well! I'm checking in maybe more than strictly necessary 😬