Friday, September 17, 2021


Sunday was a very not-horsey river day, as is the pattern when it's hot and I spend Saturday doing horse things :) balance! But of interest to note, I was doomscrolling FB on the sandbar when I saw a post from a rider at the new barn I'm taking lessons at posting about a Dressage Foundation grant she received for essentially a "dressage boot camp", allowing her a concentrated time period to work with her trainer without the distractions of work and home life (lol sounds great, RIGHT?!). I'm familiar with TDF grants after helping my GMO get one a few years back for a Centered Riding clinic (and then riding in said clinic). I perused the grant requirements and then commented on her status that it looked like something I'd want to check out next year. Her reply back to me was essentially CARPE DIEM! Apply now!

Painfully accurate hahahaha. 

I read back over the requirements, and thought... what the hell? Why not? There is a heavy emphasis on volunteerism with your GMO, and God knows I have (and continue to!) paid my dues where that is concerned. And a dressage boot camp sounds like manna to my very hungry soul right now. So I threw caution to the wind and emailed my new trainer about potential costs (you have to submit a detailed budget) and also whether or not she'd be on board (because you have to have a letter from the trainer detailing the fees and saying you're accepted for said training). Me being the way I am and hating to ask anyone for everything, it majorly tweaked my anxiety to even ASK, but she was super gung ho and we traded emails about what I was hoping to get out of it, and a timeline (preferably next spring, as a precursor to RATED SHOWS OMG). 
I have gotten a reputation at work as the plant rescuer, here is my newest bebe. A "Mother of Thousands"!

I started putting together the rest of the application, including information about my volunteer history with my GMO -- and gee wouldn't you know it, there was way more to write about than I thought! Including shameless plugs for the multiple USDF awards I've won for my newsletter/website contributions, lol. Those plaques are good for something after all!

Me errrrrr'night

You also need a reference letter from someone to testify about your dedication to dressage, yada yada, and my current GMO president wrote me a letter of recommendation that literally made me tear up at work when I read it! Anyway, applications were due Wednesday and I sent everything off, so we'll see if anything comes of it! The GMO pres did let me know on Tuesday that she got an email from TDF that no one from Region 4 had applied so they were putting out a call for anyone who could do a last minute application.... and lo and behold, I was already working on that ;) lol. Dunno if it will help my case if I'm the only applicant, but worst case scenario if I don't get this one, I can try again next year!


  1. This is so cool! I didn't even know this was a thing! (I mean, I don't ride dressage so why would I?) I hope you get it!!!

    1. Haha thanks!! The dressage foundation has so many amazing grants available, so hopefully this helps get the word out a little to other dressage folks who might have been unaware 😁

  2. No idea this was a thing - best of luck with your application!