Wednesday, June 15, 2022

WW: River Rats

The heat wave really kicked off on Sunday, so after sweating my ass off during that 20 minute ride, we decided to hit the river! I'm a glutton for punishment so I wanted to take Penny AND Cici. In retrospect, Cici is old and set in her ways and a bit of a princess, so she will probably stay home on future trips and we'll just take Penny, who is a confirmed and unabashed river rat, lol. 

Hard to get pics of both dogs in my lap lol. 

I sent Penny out on the boat with my husband while I parked the trailer - Penny was displeased by this when she saw me walking down the ramp, and she attempted to fling herself off the front of the boat to get to me. 

Hanging out in the boat to see if that would soothe Cici's little lizard brain for a bit (what can I say, she takes after her owner haha). 

Chasing energetic children was THE BEST in Penny's opinion. 

Cici was only interested when we broke out the food, because begging is what she does best. 

This series is called..... "Penny finds a dead fish"

"Oooooh yes"

Yeah, she had to have a thorough bath when she got home lol. 

Floating on a cushion!

Brief nap

Meeting lots of big dogs!

Literally PTFO

Soooooo tired. 


  1. Cici just sitting there begging with her butt in the puddle is hilarious! Looks like a lovely way to spend a too hot day!

    1. That was definitely the most enjoyable part of her day, haha.