Friday, June 10, 2022

Pivo Meet Success

Sunday night we finally had some time to fuss with the wifi/Pivo situation. It was hot and sticky and my preference was actually for DH to take photos with the DSLR, since I hadn't seen how Cinna was going in so long, but he was determined to make Pivo Meet work. And he did! (lot of good it does me now, lol). Saturday I had posted some screenshots in the Pivo group asking for opinions on anything I could do to improve the video clarity, and Pivo did let me know that Meet doesn't film in the same resolution as Play, which is why I was seeing such a drastic difference in video quality. That was actually a helpful comment, unlike the dickhead who was like "Meet is just for an instructor to watch you it's not supposed to be high resolution" -- well excuse TF out of me, I just assumed it would be easier to teach if you could SEE the person riding, but whatever.... lol. T also very kindly sent me a link to her riding session Saturday morning so I could get a feel for what her trainer sees during THEIR virtual lessons, so I'm confident we did finally get the quality good enough. My plan was to message TrainerB Tuesday to set up a virtual lesson... but ya'll know how that went instead, womp womp. 

He learned it was better to turn his video off lol. 

Not optimal moments or anything but at least I could see the video quality was much clearer!

I love that she's watching him fuss with the tripod in the mirror lol. 

She seemed pretty tolerant of the new bit I got her, a Fager baucher (RW was running them on super sale for MDW don't judge me lol)

Looking SO MUCH like her mom here

Worth it for this shot alone lol. 

The sunshade I got to protect my phone from overheating came in on Monday

Penny for scale lol

Also set up this nifty cable reel so I don't have cat5 all over my mudroom haha. 

I did let my trainer know we figured things out so eventually once I'm cleared to ride again, we can try the virtual thing! In the meantime, everything is just sitting in the corner of my guest bedroom, taunting me all day as work... sigh. 


  1. Glad you got it working! Any chance this forced WFH will mean you get to keep doing it once healed??

    1. I'm not sure if I mentioned it on here or not but I finally made it into the pilot program so I had been WFH 3x a week before the accident anyway! Super exciting!

  2. Well yay for getting it working! Hope you can take advantage of it sooner than later!