Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Girl's Day: Three Creeks Conservation

Still managing to pick up some horse content here and there despite the ankle :) Ruby has adjusted well to our bareback hacks and abbreviated dressage schools, and she continues to be turned out 18ish hours a day so hopefully she isn't losing TOO much fitness. The occasional trail rides help with that, thankfully! And over the long weekend, I was able to get out again :) I loaned Ruby to a lady in our group and rode Trigger as a concession to my still not nearly 100% ankle, lol. 

He was REMARKABLY peppy! He offered to trot multiple times and kept up reasonably well with Ruby for a good portion of the ride. Even when we lagged back a little he still wasn't at the back of the pack generally - so unusual for him! I think he's missed trail riding :)

Ruby was her normal speedwalking rockstar self lol.

Remembered to stick a selzer in my bag for the ride this time haha. 

Playing in the water. At one point there was a drop off (that I clearly saw and was trying to steer him away from) and instead he intentionally dropped to his knees and thought very hard about going all the way down, silly boy. But the water did feel great!

Took a meander up to see the cave!

Ruby's version of snacks for the road haha. 

After a lovely low-key ride (approximately 5 miles in a little under 2 hours), one of the ladies let me stash the ponies at her place so we could go have a delicious brunch! Well okay everyone but me had lunch but I opted for breakfast food and had ZERO regrets. 

Iced coffee with Irish cream

DELICIOUS pancakes, home fries, and bacon. I was so stuffed. 

I'm really digging the trail riding crew we have put together this summer -- enough people that we can swap in and out as necessary when people have other plans and still have a good-sized group, and several of us have "spare horses" for those who want to hitch a ride. I'm still working on getting them to Indian Camp Creek or Broemmelsiek (lol), but we've definitely covered a lot of ground on the more central Missouri trails! We've even successfully worked out several trailerpool situations to conserve fuel! 


  1. How lovely!! OMG though that picture has given me an instant craving for pancakes this morning...

  2. So happy that y'all are able to trail so much (and jealous of course)

    1. I am so grateful for such a cool group of ladies and trails that aren't TOO far away! (Although my definition of far is probably different than most lol)

  3. This sounds like such a perfect day! So fun for Trigger to get out too!
    I will almost always choose breakfast food when given the option. Fully support you in that!

    1. He enjoyed it so much, I'm taking him out again this weekend! :) lol