Friday, June 3, 2022

I'll take it.....?

So when we last left off I was waiting for the direct bury cat5 cable to arrive to try hardwiring the stupid extender in.... which I did this morning... with mixed results, sigh. Worked just fine in the laundry room last night during our test.  

Did not work in my arena outlet. Womp womp

I tried it in the tack shed and it kept intermittently flashing red to blue so I finally said fuck it and put it back outside. 

At least my arena was pretty?

And my horse was great?
We did finally get it to work enough for T to take some screenshots to show me the video quality

I did realize sometime between writing the last post and now that apparently most people aren't using Pivo Cast for lessons, they're using Pivo Meet which got moved inside the Pivo+ app (seriously could they make this any more confusing?), so I tried that this morning. First time, connected to wifi, the picture was garbage. Second time, we tried connecting to the cell network (since I have good cell reception there) but it dropped the call entirely and refused to work. Third time we tried the SAME wifi network as before and the quality was much improved (but still not what I would consider great? Definitely not on par with the Pivo Play footage from earlier this week). So. IDK. DH is going to tinker with it tonight and see if we can get it working more reliably. I still don't feel like it's solid enough to try a lesson yet, but maybe my expectations are too high. Maybe the trainers giving virtual lessons are dealing with similarly shitty video quality and its fine, IDK. I wish I knew one to ask, haha.  

Anyway. Despite being a short week this has felt about 10 days long and I am very much looking forward to a nice weekend! 


  1. Ugh! I hope you get it working! The screen shot from T looks decent if you could get that all the time.

    1. I hit up Megan from A Enter Spooking (because she teaches remote lessons) and she thinks the quality is passable and she's taught off worse, so now I just need it to stop dropping the call and we can proceed 🤣

  2. The other option would be to kidnap your trainer for a weekend every month.....

    1. Unfortunately between her extremely full client list at two barns and lots of shows, that's not an option lol. But I wish it was!