Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Holding Patterns

We had a brief temperature cool-down with some rain Monday night (thank God!), but back up to about 100 degrees today -- with the humidity pushing the "feels like" into the triple digits. Missouri's humidity can make it feel like trying to breathe through a wet rag, and since I'm particularly sensitive to extreme temps (both heat and cold), I've been lazy for a few days. I hacked Ruby out on the trail with our buddies Jacki and Mort on Monday evening, didn't do anything horsey yesterday besides cleaning stalls and turning out the kids at home, and then stuffed Ruby's face full of cookies today. Slightly lower temps are forecasted for the next few days, and then hopefully some more rain this weekend.

Dressage instructor will be back from vacation next week, so I'm hoping to put in a few more good workouts before our next lesson on Tuesday -- and speaking of lessons, I believe I still owe you a video of some right lead canter!
Unimpressive to most of you I'm sure, but right lead canter is one of our major stumbling blocks, and I feel like there were at least a few nice moments in there that show me what it could look like if I can ever get my $@#% together!

Tonight's post will be brief -- I still have a few hundred photos to go through from the Greg Best clinic and I need to make dinner and do approximately 23428357 loads of laundry and still get to bed early (didn't sleep much last night), so hopefully my next entry will be more entertaining! :)


  1. Humidity is the worst. It's hard to be motivated to do anything. But your canter is coming along nicely. Good work. :)

  2. I'm grateful for the rain we are getting tho it definitely interferes with riding (no indoor). Trade offs I guess!

    1. I have access to a (small) indoor where Ruby is, but not at home. I'd love to build one -- big dreams!