Monday, June 6, 2016

Well Clearly I'm Never Going to Post on Weekends....

Title is self-explanatory. Saturday I was a bum -- I did chores out at the barn and it was hot as hell so Ruby just spent some time in the grazing paddock (she didn't mind grass over being ridden, I'm sure).

Sunday I had a photoshoot with a fellow boarder at the barn, and I think it turned out pretty well. Alison, you and LJ and Loaner are so photogenic!

After some car maintenance in the early afternoon, my mom and DH and I hit the trails for an early birthday celebration for me -- my favorite kind of celebration! We took Trigger, Jack and Ruby. Jack was his normal hyperactive self, Trigger was lazy and always dragging behind, and Ruby was somewhere in between. I did make a concerted effort to practice some of the bending exercises we worked on in last week's lesson, so I feel like it was mildly productive at least! We rode about 6 miles -- mostly at the walk, but a little bit of trot, and a brief canter stint.
In which I still suck at selfies...

My mom and Jack
So. Shiny. :-D

Today was a light day -- very hot/humid so I just lunged Ruby. The temp will be dropping about 10 degrees tomorrow, which is perfect, since we have our second lesson tomorrow! She has a weird udder swelling that we've been dealing with for the last 8+ weeks (will probably devote a blog post to it at some point) but I tried some hydrotherapy today to see if I can get it reduced. One day didn't make a difference, but hopefully a solid week or two will help return things to normal!


  1. that looks like a perfect day to me.

    1. I really enjoy bumming around on the weekends :) and this trail is super easy (flat, well maintained, etc) so perfect for my purposes!